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You’re A Toaster In The Bathtub: Minneapolis experimental pop artist YYY reminds us that we need to get outside again with ‘And The Swords Don’t Bend’

With his debut album ‘Aquadungeonafterdark‘ due for official release on the 24th September 2021, YYY shows us that by being inside all the time and trying to reinvent the wheel, you are hiding away from those friends who miss you with ‘And The Swords Don’t Bend‘.

Austin Carson aka YYY, is a thriving Minneapolis, Minnesota-based indie genre-bending experimental pop artist.

Creating beautiful transitions between analog bass drones, psychedelic guitar riffs and vocal samples, YYY’s music maintains a lighthearted undertone that challenges the listener.” ~ YYY

Sung with a remarkable poise and true honesty, we are told a real story about the world that spins rather fast if we don’t experience it properly. With a uniquely succulent beat that enthralls you rather quickly and has your glowing body grooving in sheer delight – this is the type of music experience that is all about that ever-evolving creative mindset – which is so needed in this copy-cat world.

Austin has performed in the Minneapolis music scene as a solo artist and as part of other projects for the last six years.” ~ YYY

And The Swords Don’t Bend‘ from the experimental Minneapolis-based indie pop artist YYY, is the message that we all need to hear. Those projects you have been working on are highly important, but by avoiding being out in the world sometimes – we are actually avoiding the real world which we need to be a part of.

Made with a knowledgeable edge, we are washed thoughtfully into a tremendously self-aware track which has you reaching for those keys to see the earth for its immaculate beauty again.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Can Hardly See: Xanacova releases debut sixteen-track hip-hop album that urges us to ‘Send Help’

Powered resourcefully by indie label The Lotto Tribe, Xanacova shows us deep inside his extremely creative mind on the brand new sixteen-track release called ‘Send Help‘.

Xanacova is a passionate eighteen-years-young indie emo hip-hop artist from Austin, Minnesota. He makes that introspective blend of music which is full of deep thoughts and self-doubts, in this harsh world which seems to lack the love it had before.

Send Help is a 16 track intimate hip hop genre album that talks about Xanacovas own struggle to be someone who matters in the world he lives in.” ~ Xanacova 

There are no fillers here on this quickening heart-beating effort, as he seems to grow majestically on each track. The honesty is quite remarkable and particular gems have to be ‘Working‘, ‘Go To‘ and probably the best track all them all, ‘All Night‘. There is so much sadness, darkness, hope and true integrity on each of these songs especially, that has you admiring his inner strength to show the world his true feelings.

He raps with so much consistency the whole way through and the catchy beats keep you hooked on the line all the way to shore – as you are enthralled by his confident delivery – for such a youthful artist with much promise.

Send Help‘ from the emotionally stressed out Austin, Minnesota-based indie rapper Xanacova, is a conscious release which shows you a young man who is looking for his true path, in this confusion-filled life. He feels that he is set for fame and wants it so bad, as he performs with that extra flair that only the few possess. This is the type of album to put on when you are feeling down and need a boost, from someone who lives through his music each day.

You feel like this is the art form which truly sets him free, so he can climb out of his current state of mind and find that self-enlightened happy place of contentment.

Hear this new album on Spotify and check out the IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The Anthem For Unity: Michael Loonan calls for acceptance and unity from all with ‘Celebrate This Life’

Featuring the mightily skilled drumming of Noah Levy, Michael Loonan asks us to heal up quickly so we can build a much better tomorrow on his latest single called ‘Celebrate This Life‘.

Michael Loonan is a highly experienced Saint Paul, Minnesota-based indie pop/rock singer-songwriter and is also a supremely talented multi-instrumentalist. He has a calm aura about him, and transmits this wonderful beacon of hope peacefully in his music writing, and the results are a toasty ear-warmer to say the least.

I actually wrote this song several years ago, but it seems fitting for the world now, as we’re emerging from a pandemic and moving toward better unity each day”. ~ Michael Loonan

With some terrific guitar riffs and mellow feel-good energy, this is a star-gazing creation which has you taking a big breath of relaxation, as you take some time to appreciate what you have. His vocals illuminate through the clouds above and calls for us to find a beach and gather around, to get on the same wavelength again, so we can work much together in the future.

Loonan has been involved in the Minnesota music scene for decades; he was the renowned ‘Loony Bin Band’ on The Mischke Broadcast and has performed on the same bill with Smokey Robinson, NRBQ and Badfinger.” ~ Michael Loonan

Celebrate This Life‘ from the Saint Paul, Minnesota-based solo musician Michael Loonan, heartily shows us a kind man who only wants to promote life in the best version possible. We have had so many worries lately and have been trying hard to carry them on our breaking shoulders – the huge boulders of stress have become too much – and its time to put them down.

Unity and peace is something special that we all need, and its really is possible if we all believe enough.

Stream this exciting new single on Soundcloud and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Gotta Keep Them Guessing: Minnesota-based brothers CSavooo and TimmyT want it all and more on ‘Secret Weapon’

Released as the first track off their four-track ‘Soul Central‘ EP from 2021, CSavooo and TimmyT smell that tasty money in the breezing air and are only keeping things focused as that is their ‘Secret Weapon‘.

CSavooo and TimmyT (Tim Graves), are a Saint Paul, Minnesota-based indie rap brother duo. They fuse their love for music together as a tremendous team, that seems to morph together perfectly as one.

They have always had chemistry in the studio, and recently they released a joint EP titled ‘Soul Central’. They will continue to grow their separate careers, but never abandon each other, as TimmyT is the reason CSavooo got into music.” ~ CSavooo and TimmyT

With a smoothly textured delivery which certainly has your whole body feeling rather joyous and fresh, this is a feet-tapping performance which is is such a pleasurable listen and has a riveting road-trip feel.

This is the story of keeping things calm as mistakes are made when the emotions reach fever pitch, as they both have a real sense of purpose about where true success is elusively hidden.

Secret Weapon‘ from the Minnesota-based indie rap duo CSavooo and TimmyT, shows us a team that make a real statement in this often-selfish world. They ice down the road and show us that their fluid flows are rather versatile, as they cruise in with a sterling display of calmness personified. It feels like these two brothers know where the ideal road is, and are ready to keep on headed to the promised lands away from the horrid pollution of the world.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see more via CSavooo and TimmyT’s IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The Sign Was New: Good Morning Bedlam know its time to leave the homely ‘Blue House’

Bringing us the first of eight much-awaited releases in 2021, Good Morning Bedlam take us to a nostalgic place that will have you beaming broadly like a night-lit sky on ‘Blue House‘.

Good Morning Bedlam is a fantastic three-piece indie folk/pop act from Minneapolis, Minnesota. They cleverly fuse jazz and rock into their lovely music melodies, to create a blend of sounds that tastes so good in your willing music palate.

Blue House is a reflection of childhood. It’s about my parents moving out of my childhood home and how there is a grieving process to leaving behind not only a house, but a lifetime of memories. However, moving forward is a necessary part of life, and it is time to make new memories in new places, and to do that it is time to leave behind the blue house so that a different family can create new memories there. After all, it’s more than bricks that make a home.” – Isaak (vocals/guitarist) from Good Morning Bedlam

Deep down in your soul you feel the efficacious energy brewing from Good Morning Bedlam, as they knock politely on your dusty door so that they may be let into your life, with a breathtaking energy you just can’t say no to. They judiciously turn your frown into a smile – with an effortlessly effulgent nature – which has you feeling so happy again.

Blue House‘ from the likable three-piece indie folk/pop group from Minneapolis, Minnesota called Good Morning Bedlam, paints us a clear picture which is intertwined with their common human experience ethos, which drives their music into new levels of unforeseen feet-tapping enjoyment.

Sometimes you just know you need to move on, so that you may grow and experience a new home which you can make your own.

Stream this catchy new single on Spotify and see more stories on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Fixing The Peace: A Broken System sparks up our busy minds with the beautiful electronic debut ‘Lens Flare’

Flowing into nature like a cute butterfly looking for some peace and quiet from this crazy world, A Broken System drops the peaceful debut that will have you feeling positive and fresh called ‘Lens Flare‘.

A Broken System is a creative Mankato, Minnesota-born, Atlanta, Georgia-based electronic producer. He mixes ambient, hip hop, and synth rock into his quality music, to make a tasty pot of intriguing soundscapes for our ravenous ears to enjoy.

You feel the mellow vibe washing all over your body here and the chilled beat has so much loving care attached, as it flickers brightly and shows you where the spark in the world really is at.

This is that type of song that has you putting your pen down, shutting your mind off from the noise outside. This gets you back to a calmer place away from the messy waters of the world, that can keep you from breathing in the world’s stunning nature.

Lens Flare‘ from the focused Minnesota-born electronic producer A Broken System, swirls in rapidly like a gusting waterfall, to bring you back to where you need to be on land. This is such a cleverly created song that shows us the massive potential of an emerging producer, who clearly has all the sauce needed to produce that tasty mixture for our hungry souls.

Stream this new sweet-sounding track on Spotify and check out the IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The Fruitful Journey: Alien of Nature roams free to fulfill his passions on ‘Canyonlands’

Taken off the superb twelve-track release called ‘Motion In Time‘, Alien of Nature beautifully soothes our worries about the darkness away, with the awe-inspiring new single called ‘Canyonlands‘.

Mike Baran aka Alien of Nature, is a fascinating travelling singer-songwriter based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He is bravely following his full-time music dreams despite this horrific pandemic and is well on the way through the detours, to achieve his achievable goals through sheer driving determination, pure passion and hard work.

With a name that means ‘one’ in Gaelic, you feel the riveting rock, blues, country and folk fusions inside this tasty wrap of creation, that tastes so edible in your happy music palate. This is that authentic sound which isn’t following any fad, but is only flowing freely to find that open road and to inspire others to do what they need to do in life too.

The wanderlust period in his life of 2019-2020 is entrenched into his soul and you can feel his deeply-felt lyrics merge together perfectly, with his crisp guitar skills and soulful vocals that steams up your previously sad mood. His love for his craft is obvious and you can’t help but marvel at the valley of goodness here.

Canyonlands‘ from the currently Minneapolis, Minnesota-based Alien of Nature, walks us through the peaceful terrain, as he sees where he needs to go, in order to be truly happy. From California to the East Coast to his current home, you feel that this is an original musician, who will do whatever it takes to find his happy path in life.

Stream this carefully crafted single on Soundcloud and see more on the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The Party That Surrounds You: Jaguar Jaguar urge us not to panic on the mesmerizing new single ‘Post-Op’

After gaining international success with their previous EP ‘Common Menace Pt.1, Jaguar Jaguar return with ‘Post-Op‘, which is taken off their latest five-track offering called ‘Pink Lies‘.

Jaguar Jaguar is the exciting Minneapolis, Minnesota-based dark synthpop/indie rock act with a style that is so unique you will need to listen twice, as they intertwine together such mysterious sounds which mystify your mind to unlock a new level.

This is the story about feeling like an outsider, you are in the party but you can’t seem to get into the proper zone and feel like you are in a different world. You wish that you could change and become someone else, as you think about turning into a new face that will be alive and taken notice of for once. You know not to panic however, as things will change around soon if you break away from this stale energy, that has tied you inside.

The multi-skilled sounds are so gripping and has you impressed by the different layers that are somehow spellbinding and complex – each verse changes up without notice – and twists your mood into a frenzied state of hypnotized enjoyment.

Post-Op‘ from Mineapolis three-piece indie rock/synthpop outfit Jaguar Jaguar, leads us into an underground world where so many get lost in, as they reside into their own deep thoughts that can lock you into a different mindset, that can be so different to breakout from. With a unique sound that has you listening so close, they are a fascinating band full of so much promise.

Listen to the new track here on Spotify and check out their IG for more visuals.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Will You Be Missed: Joe Fahey takes our minds to emotional places on the vintage-feel ‘Away’

February On Ice by Joe Fahey

Lovingly taken off his latest thirteen-track album called ‘February on Ice‘, Joe Fahey tells us the story of thinking about how he will be remembered when he is gone on ‘Away‘.

Joe Fahey is a soulful Minneapolis, Minnesota indie blues singer-songwriter, who performs from the bottom of his soul, as he explores stories about his life and trying to make sure that he lives each day to its fullest.

This is the story about how the world does indeed spin around at a rapid rate, and we need to make sure that we are in the right rotational element, otherwise we will spin around and end up flat like a pancake, with so many regrets.

His sings with that 70’s vintage feel that has your ears perked up like the buzz you feel after a cup of coffee, you get lost in the song and gaze outside your dusty window, wondering if you can still go on exciting adventures someday soon to make up for being stuck inside for too long.

Away‘ from the entertaining Minneapolis, Minnesota singer-songwriter Joe Fahey, is that place in your heart that you briefly think about once in a while or never at all. Living for now is the way to go so you don’t look back with too many regrets, otherwise this will consume you forever.

Stream this true tale on Bandcamp and follow his music career on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


I don’t want you there: Nigel T drops eye-catching visuals for ‘Get Out Of My Head’

With a deep frustration about a former friendship causing him pain, Nigel T shreds all thoughts of the person away rapidly on the fiery new single ‘Get Out Of My Head‘.

Nigel T is an indie rapper/singer from Minneapolis in Minnesota, who breaks the genres of metal and hip-hop into his own escape from this wild world, with breakneck appeal that you need to keep up with. His quick-fire fuse of a delivery, splatters all doubts on the walls, as you are engulfed by a man who is at the top of his game.

This is the highly entertaining but sinister chronicle of a pissed off rapper, who has been let down and is supremely annoyed by the lies, so he is taking action to make sure it doesn’t happen again. He is consumed by the thoughts of the past and just wants them to wash away and never return to his head. These vivid memories are making him obsessed, which he knows needs to vanish into the distance as soon as possible.

Get Out Of My Head‘ from Minneapolis, Minnesota’s rap/metal artist Nigel T, is a lightning bolt into your consciousness, as he enthusiastically shows us into the room of gloomy darkness, where the frustration boils over and heat is on the way real quick. He savages the mic with ferocious abandon and torches all doubters and fake former friends away from his mind for good.

Hear this head-banger on YouTube and see more from this life on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen