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Rips Through My Brain: Virgin Winter tried to untangle the vicious web on ‘Syd Jangles’

With his long locks flowing into the wind as he looks up above, Virgin Winter sings with overriding emotion that might have you feeling like this is a track you need to close your eyes with to truly experience accurately on ‘Syd Jangles‘.

Virgin Winter aka Randall Pants is a Saint Paul, Minnesota-born, Roseville, Minnesota-based indie psychedelic rock solo artist.

I am a dorky hermit who loves art sessions and walks in the suburbs.” ~ Virgin Winter

Virgin Winter shows us his intense best with a splendid presentation that seems to summon your whole soul. This is a creative man who lets his music do the talking, as she shreds through the naked speakers with a stunning ambience that might leave you shaking in delight. His message of trying to get rid of the demons in his head is deeply honest, and you find yourself thinking back to when you burnt the webs of pain in your own world.

Syd Jangles‘ from the Roseville, Minnesota-based indie psychedelic rock solo artist Virgin Winter, is a mesmerizing performance from a young artist who sings with such a passionate tone. Each second has those deep lyrics that are so mysteriously intertwined in our mind – with vocals that are hard to hear at times – and cleverly forces you to turn the volume all the way upwards.

Hear this heartfelt encounter on YouTube and see more via his FB page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The Anthem For Unity: Michael Loonan calls for acceptance and unity from all with ‘Celebrate This Life’

Featuring the mightily skilled drumming of Noah Levy, Michael Loonan asks us to heal up quickly so we can build a much better tomorrow on his latest single called ‘Celebrate This Life‘.

Michael Loonan is a highly experienced Saint Paul, Minnesota-based indie pop/rock singer-songwriter and is also a supremely talented multi-instrumentalist. He has a calm aura about him, and transmits this wonderful beacon of hope peacefully in his music writing, and the results are a toasty ear-warmer to say the least.

I actually wrote this song several years ago, but it seems fitting for the world now, as we’re emerging from a pandemic and moving toward better unity each day”. ~ Michael Loonan

With some terrific guitar riffs and mellow feel-good energy, this is a star-gazing creation which has you taking a big breath of relaxation, as you take some time to appreciate what you have. His vocals illuminate through the clouds above and calls for us to find a beach and gather around, to get on the same wavelength again, so we can work much together in the future.

Loonan has been involved in the Minnesota music scene for decades; he was the renowned ‘Loony Bin Band’ on The Mischke Broadcast and has performed on the same bill with Smokey Robinson, NRBQ and Badfinger.” ~ Michael Loonan

Celebrate This Life‘ from the Saint Paul, Minnesota-based solo musician Michael Loonan, heartily shows us a kind man who only wants to promote life in the best version possible. We have had so many worries lately and have been trying hard to carry them on our breaking shoulders – the huge boulders of stress have become too much – and its time to put them down.

Unity and peace is something special that we all need, and its really is possible if we all believe enough.

Stream this exciting new single on Soundcloud and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Gotta Keep Them Guessing: Minnesota-based brothers CSavooo and TimmyT want it all and more on ‘Secret Weapon’

Released as the first track off their four-track ‘Soul Central‘ EP from 2021, CSavooo and TimmyT smell that tasty money in the breezing air and are only keeping things focused as that is their ‘Secret Weapon‘.

CSavooo and TimmyT (Tim Graves), are a Saint Paul, Minnesota-based indie rap brother duo. They fuse their love for music together as a tremendous team, that seems to morph together perfectly as one.

They have always had chemistry in the studio, and recently they released a joint EP titled ‘Soul Central’. They will continue to grow their separate careers, but never abandon each other, as TimmyT is the reason CSavooo got into music.” ~ CSavooo and TimmyT

With a smoothly textured delivery which certainly has your whole body feeling rather joyous and fresh, this is a feet-tapping performance which is is such a pleasurable listen and has a riveting road-trip feel.

This is the story of keeping things calm as mistakes are made when the emotions reach fever pitch, as they both have a real sense of purpose about where true success is elusively hidden.

Secret Weapon‘ from the Minnesota-based indie rap duo CSavooo and TimmyT, shows us a team that make a real statement in this often-selfish world. They ice down the road and show us that their fluid flows are rather versatile, as they cruise in with a sterling display of calmness personified. It feels like these two brothers know where the ideal road is, and are ready to keep on headed to the promised lands away from the horrid pollution of the world.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see more via CSavooo and TimmyT’s IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

That Empty Feeling: Minneapolis singer-songwriter Michael Miller wonders through that house of past memories on ‘Like a Ghost’

Swapping out his heavy metal addiction to vividly show us more of his sweet sensitive side, Michael Miller breezes in with his hair gelled back to perfection, on his new single called ‘Like a Ghost‘.

Twin Cities-based (Minneapolis–Saint Paul) indie singer, producer and songwriter Michael Miller, leads us into his new exciting life away from the old band days, with a fresh sound full of mysterious intrigue, to tickle your curious senses into action once again.

He sings with so much regret as the relationship was so happy and full of life, until things flipped like a switch going off forever, the lights went dark for good and you are left wondering why you said what you did, as it turned out the opposite to what you had actually envisaged.

Like a Ghost‘ from Minneapolis solo indie-rock/electro artist Michael Miller, is the story of wondering what could of been, as you ponder what happened before and gaze into the dust-filled room, that once had so much love and romantic life inside it.

Hear this new track on Spotify and follow his IG for more social news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


‘Sweeter, Cleaner, Greener’ from Noel Shiri is the splendidly innocent song we needed in 2020

Dirty Calendar by Noel Shiri

Saint Paul, Minnesota is the home of the talented singer-songwriter Noel Shiri as she returns with her ‘Sweeter, Cleaner, Greener‘.

Noel Shiri is a writer, podcaster, composer, roleplayer and all round good human. She is the composer and sound engineer for the critically acclaimed ‘Dames and Dragons‘ podcast as well as being a supremely talented musician with a gorgeously innocent voice.

This is an artist that doesn’t take herself too seriously and is such a pleasurable listen that you can’t help but like. If our role models were half as genuine as Noel then the world would be a better place. I get lost in her voice and imagine watching her live, outside with lots of fairy lights and good energy all over the crowd.

Taken off her latest album, ‘Dirty Calendar‘, this is a sweet song and I like how consistent this vocals are here and the mellow background to accompany it. She has so much talent and you can tell her authentic nature is so real. ‘Sweeter, Cleaner, Greener‘ is one of the most refreshing songs you will hear all year.

Click here for the Bandcamp page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Chicago Singer-songwriter Jim Soule rolls in with exciting indie rock ”A New Brand of Fiction”

Forget the Days by Jim Soule

Saint Paul, Minnesota was the hometown for singer-songwriter Jim Soule and he is now based in Chicago where his music career has blossomed. He is joined currently by Mike Soule and Chad Wheeling. Together they form a formidable trio who pack the speakers with enthusiastic abandon here with their indie-rock feels.

A New Brand of Fiction” started off as a curious how much sleep will Jim get once his next kid arrives type of song. This vivid lyrics wrapped inside also speaks of a life that sometimes shows you to show more confident and learn from it. Ups and downs.

Forget The Days” is the brand new album from the legend that is Jim Soule and this is a sterling effort from the wily and wise singer-songwriter and masterful poet. This is a song that is characterized by that underdog effort inside your tired bones. Being exhausted and working all the time is now a new norm that shouldn’t be.

The band impress on this song with this strong indie-rock bluesy feel. A winning song for a society that is shouting for heroes and positive music.

Click here for the Bandcamp link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen