A&R Factory Present: Cellar Kid

Cellar Kid’s visually rich video plays with some wonderful imagery:  illusions and allusions that give the viewer a lot to think about. It blends cold and vivid futuristic surroundings with the trappings of horror films but rather than play that obvious card it seems more interested in exploring the anonymity of the modern world and promoting a freer existence away from those technical temptations and traps which we are all slave too.

There is a wonderful image as the video resolves, people race up the stairs towards the light, reminiscent of the final meeting in Close Encounters of The Third Kind the same blind faith sought for in the hazy light of the unknown. This time the unknown turns out to be the real world, their masks are shed and they emerge blinking at the natural light surrounding them.

Musically it is just as rich, sitting somewhere between a clinical, slow dance floor groove, a techno-pop adventure and musical prophecy.  It blends musical futurism with the ghosts of those post-punk krautrock pioneers who set the electronic genre going all those years ago.

Not only a great piece of music and a slick and seductive video but a very import message. It looks like having something to say is back on the menu!


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