Catch ¥oung Theory’s infectious high vibes in their latest trap single ‘Up Now’

Up and coming Dallas-hailing hip hop artist ¥oung Theory has dropped their latest single ‘Up Now’, with their tendency to start with a vibe and chase it with beats and lyrical flex, there’s no telling where ¥oung Theory will take their sound next, but we definitely appreciate the high vibe trappy direction of Up Now.

In a time when optimism is hard to find, you’ll find a delectable smorgasbord of it in Up Now which unravels as a series of mantras complemented by snapshots into ¥oung Theory’s life to make it a more intimate release.

He’s on a mission to change lives, one step at a time; based on Up Now, it’s easy to see how he’ll allow his listeners to replace negative thoughts with positive ones. Sometimes, all it takes is to catch someone’s infectious vibe to shake you out of depressed stagnation.

Up Now is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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