Carrying Others Weight: GREGØ needs that pen and paper on ‘Distinguished Listener’

With a flamboyant start that feels like the speakers could pop apart at any given moment, GREGØ wonders why some people are so full of their own agendas that it makes him roll his eyes on ‘Distinguished Listener‘.

GREGØ aka Gregory Tsavdaridis is a youthful 19-year-old Greece-born, UK-based BIMM London student and indie-pop singer-songwriter.

At just 14 years old, GREGØ finally decided to embark on his biggest dream ever which is to become a big artist in the music scene, he decided to save up money for a MacBook Pro, install GarageBand and start producing music in his room so he can finally turn his inked notebook he’s been writing on since the age of 12, to actual songs.” ~ GREGØ

Simmering hotly through the surface with his appealing vocal ability, GREGØ has our awestruck bodies grooving with unsaturated joy with a simply stunning performance that has you joyously singing along with him at every possible turn. On a story about tiresomely listening to some people in his life that are so full of rubbish they tire your soul to pieces, this is an honest track that shows us his likeable frankness.

Distinguished Listener‘ from the London, UK-based indie-pop singer-songwriter GREGØ, is a wondrous experience that shall have you turning up the voltage to get an extra spark of this mesmerizing performer with the world at his feet. There is so much quality soaked between the sheets of this sizzling track that it might cause you to blush, as he sings so fluidly and seems to capture your attention as only a Polaroid camera could before.

Big things await for a highly talented entertainer who seems to possess that extra pizazz that you are only born with.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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