HUNYMOONFAZE Releases their latest Experimentally Eccentric R&B Hip Hop Drop “No Fear”

It’s no secret that the contemporary Hip Hop, Rap, & R&B genres don’t really offer much in the way of distinction – especially when it comes to the lyrics. With many artists under the impression that assimilating exactly what has been produced before and spilling the usual self-aggrandized hyperbole, it can be fairly hard for up and coming Urban artists to stand out from the rest.

Yet, even in the first verse of the latest track “No Fear” by experimental artist HUNYMOONFAZE you get a taste of the playful, magnetic, and artistic passion which was poured into this extremely exposing track. The contemporary Trap beats in No Fear play around with plenty of spatial effects giving you the anticipation of hearing the next unpredictable progression. While the lyrics to No Fear dispel the preconceptions which surround Rap artists as HUNYMOONFAZE lays down lines such as “someone’s gotta speak the truth, someone’s gotta talk to you”. Those lyrics may seem simplistic, but combined with the ambiently vibrant soundscape, they hit hard.

You can check out No Fear for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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