Bugged Out: Trey Joshua feels so much better when the drinks are flowing on Drunk

After taking too many late-night temptation treats and maintaining that extra drink-packed fun which can cause weary bodies the next day, Trey Joshua is only here for the fun on the hard-hitting new single to sip cheekily with called Drunk.

Toronto, Canada-based and 21 years old, Trey Joshua is a tremendously talented indie alt-alternative rapper, artist and music producer.

He has been at it since 2018 and takes major influence from XXXTENTACION, J.I.D, 6lack and various classic rock artists such as the tragically hip, Bob Dylan, and Billy Idol.” ~ Trey Joshua

Struggling after an incredible night out which has ravaged his soul and numbed most senses, Trey Joshua sends us into a whole new world on Drunk and shows many the feeling after a blurry evening.

Scintillating beyond all previously comprehended emotions, this is a really eye-opening track for those who have never felt rather drowsy after a wild evening of bladder-busting beverage debauchery.

Drunk from the multi-genre experimental artist Toronto, Canada-based artist and music producer Trey Joshua is a superb single which will wake up many and scare others. Steaming like a hot iron on sensitive skin, we are thrown into a mesmerizing waterfall which will flush many souls into a memorable moment which can cause hearts to flutter rather unexpectedly.

Turn this up on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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