Vasey Hall – Saint Mary’s Spaceship: Futuristically Evocative Indie Rock

Saint Mary’s Spaceship is one of the singles from up and coming recording artist Vasey Hall’s first studio album Desert Sun. I’m almost a little annoyed that he has kept his overwhelmingly melodic, futuristically evocative Indie Rock talent to himself up until now. There’s a palpable range of influences riddled into the artist’s progressive ambient guitar-led soundscapes. Each note is timed to perfection, to allow the spaces around the sound to pack in as much essence as the chord progressions and intricate breakdowns which stand as the cornerstone to his sound. If you could imagine what kind of music you’d be left with if you entwined the pensivity of Radiohead, the playfulness of Bowie and the viscerally stunning guitar momentum from Muse, you can get an idea of what Vasey Hall is capable of with his mesmerising instrumental and vocal talent.

You can check out Vasey Hall’s single Saint Mary’s Spaceship out for yourself by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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