Breaking Free: Atlanta singer Jennifer Jess shows that she is ready to make moves on ‘I Got Me’

After being inspired by her Mom who used to sing around the house, Jennifer Jess has made music her true focus and returns with the self-starter anthem called ‘I Got Me‘.

Jennifer Jess is an Arlington, Virginia-born, Atlanta, Georgia-raised, indie pop singer-songwriter with an urge to grow each day, as she sings with a glorious vocal ability that is crisp and such an ear-catching delight to immerse eagerly into.

“When I get ready to write a song, I try and pull up all of the feelings and emotions I have kept deep down inside for awhile. I give them a moment of release, and that’s when I put my pen to paper.”- Jennifer Jess

This is the story of that build up to this moment, the road has been long and there have been many sleepless nights. She doubted herself for a while but for no longer, her belief is so easy to see during her terrific vocal performance here.

The beat is catchy and sweet, you find yourself wanting her to succeed as she seems to have that genuine energy and desire to succeed.

I Got Me‘ from the spectacular talent of Georgia’s Jennifer Jess, is a wonderful single that captures the imagination and mood of an extremely focused woman who found herself and is ready to express her story to the world. After being inside for too long, she wants to makes moves and has that special glint in her eyes that proves her words correct.

When you are ready, you just know deep inside that its time to shine.

Head through to see this vibrant video on her YouTube and follow her IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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