Brace yourselves for the ethereal sting of Brianna Corona’s single “Skin & Bone”

There may be plenty of powerful vocals found in Pop, but the true power in music always comes from the emotion poured into it, within the debut EP from Brianna Corona, you’ll experience a high-octane serving of both.

The track which especially proves that the ability to hit high notes is irrelevant if you’re dead inside is the pensively arrestive single “Skin & Bone”. Without any hint of exaggeration, after hearing it, I feel as though any comparison to Brianna Corona’s vocals would be an insult. The soundscape transcends beyond resounding. Instead, it’s all-consuming as you’re wrapped up in the captivating layers of candid honesty.

The atmospheric, contemporary pop instrumentals also played a heavy hand in allowing Skin & Bone to become a single with massive amounts of commercial potential. If she walked on the X Factor stage, she’d undoubtedly be met with rapturous tear-wiping applause. That is all the more reason to be thankful for her bravery to stand alone as an independent artist.

You can check out Skin & Bone by Brianna Corona for yourselves along with the rest of the EP by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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