That break from the madness: Seatea finds the light on ‘Movements’

Seatea brings all the music ‘Movements‘ together like a true professional to formulate a real diamond in the rough, on this sensation new second single from the terrific talent, with an ear for crystal clear music for the soul to digest happily.

Ontario, Canada-born, Brussels, Belgium-born, bass, tuba-trained singer-songwriter/producer and massive Arsenal FC fan Christian Thomas aka Seatea, makes dazzling and pure music that heals the anxiousness inside, so you can soar upwards and reach those dreams you have been manifesting.

We are bolted into the tale of how we need all of our movements right now to survive this crazy world. Our mental agility is needed to find the light and break free from what is transpiring before our very eyes. He has the ability to make a song so simple but complex all in one, that is so catchy and a pleasurable experience for our tired ears.

Movements‘ from the supremely creative Brussels-based multi-talented artist and SAE Institute for Music Production student Seatea, is that experimental vision that gives your mind a rest from the confusing world. This is that chill-out fusion that makes everything bearable again, with the carefully crafted mixture of electronic sounds that gives your heart that extra energy needed, to take on your day with confidence.

Stream this wonderland of sounds via Spotify and see more on his IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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