Beyond The Hype with 77Cousins

Just like the hip-hop which spawned it, rap music speaks of its surroundings, the aspirations of the street, the tough world it is trying to escape and 77Cousins are no different, they just take things to a greater height than most. Cliches are cliches because they are true, they represent a certain view of the world and the way you deal with them is to own them, make them yours and use them to your own ends. The Hype juggles such cliches but ultimately subverts them into a heightened view of their own world, there is a lot here that is familiar but it is reborn on their musical watch.

And it is an addictive combination of down the line vocal delivery and groovesome accessibility which really moves the ball forward, breaks out of the comfort zones and offers a new take on an old sound. It is the perfect eulogy for the streets, the hustle, the hassle, the grime and the game, it plays to stereotypical images but it drips with dark reality. If ever rap music spoke with the aspirations and aggrandisements of the young urban experience,  this is where it is said most eloquently in raps own first language.

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