Out Of Darkness Into Light By Somebody Else

Music band Somebody Else comprising of seven members with roots from New York and Berlin have released a golden album titled Out Of Darkness Into Light that’s sure to achieve the highly coveted evergreen status, no doubt.

The band Somebody Else, spearheaded by Fisal Campbell (USA) who takes all the vocals on their records are renowned for their ability to create songs that perfectly reflect what real music is, and should be, as their sound for lack of better words, is super intriguing.

Following their creation in 2013, the band has given music lovers from around the world reasons to smile, dance, love, hope and reflect with their genuine and conscious music records. Their transatlantic line-up makes it possible to produce music so rich owing to their different unique roots.

The album Out Of Darkness Into Light is indeed a phenomenal work. I completely fell in love with the album after listening to it for the very first time. Their sound on the album has both an old school and new school feel. So whether you lived through the 80s or were born in the era of new school music, this is one album you’ll love as it accommodates both music eras.

On Spontaneous and Gunshots the second and third track on the album, Fisal Campbell’s vocal delivery is so beautiful and exciting, he even sounds as the prodigious late king of pop Michael Jackson.

The music style of songs on this classic album range from Classical Pop, Soul, Funk, R&b, Jazz and a light dose of Hip-hop. Every song on the album is well composed and phenomenal. In fact, Out Of Darkness Into Light is the sort of album you’ll listen to without skipping a particular song. Yes it’s that impressive!

If we were to rate this album, we’d be glad to give it a 100 percent rating, seriously! We guarantee you’d be blown away listening to the material of these music geniuses, so we urge you to check out this album which is now available for streaming on SoundCloud.

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