Between Giants has dropped their latest single Play Dead

The trio Between Giants from Brooklyn have dropped their latest single Play Dead’ this Indie-rock band sure know how to make incredible music.

From the second it starts, you’re instantly pulled in beginning with that killer riff on the electric guitar, as the vocals come trembling in with a gravelly texture to them. Keeping the volume fairly low, to begin with. The instrumentation gets louder and the clash on the drum pulses through. Always switching it up by going to the more laid back sound to the crazy and chaotic version within a split second, always keeping you engaged.

This band is just what 2020 needs, injecting their own edginess and sound into an ever-growing music genre that is constantly adding new talent in everyday but Between Giants definitely deserve a space up there for their insane music.

Listen to Between Giants’ Play Dead by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Karley Myall

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