New England’s original artist Cufuddle returns with intriguing new single ‘Mancala’

New England, USA based producer and vocalist Cufuddle is an artist like no other and he is back with a fiery effort that shows ultimate originality on ‘Mancala‘. This is the type of song that you have never heard before due to the layers that spin your head into a web of intrigue.

Cufuddle music has an air of carelessness that refreshingly goes against the crazy fast world that we live in currently. The sound is moody, dark and you will find yourself wondering what it is all about. This is the type music that will be enjoyed on road trips or when you are starting outside the window, looking for inspiration or gazing at the stars.

Taken off the brand new full album ‘No Master‘, this is a really gritty effort from an artist who lays it all on the line with each word. You get the feeling that this is a song that was made with freedom in mind.

Mancala‘ from Cufuddle is an indie track that is in its own genre. This is a release that will turn your head and is from an artist who is staying himself and not following any fad. A song that is full of life and you won’t hear anything like it out there.

Click here for the Spotify link to hear more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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