‘Shadows of a Kid’: The story of how life can take the innocence from you so quickly from young rapper Joseph Milton

When a new rapper hits the scene it can either go three ways. Either they crash and burn early, they have one good song and disappear or there is long-lasting success. ‘Shadows of a Kid‘, the lead single from the self-tilted EP of the same name from new emcee Joseph Milton, seems to fall in the latter category.

With an honest depiction of his life and how things are now in a soul-searching mode, this is a new Hip Hop track with plenty of bite and grit- just what the genre was invented for. To take real stories and make them real to listeners all over the world, is the American dream.

Shadows of a Kid‘ from the young and supremely gifted rapper Joseph Milton delves deep into memories from his youth, remembering when life was a lot simpler. This is a Hip Hop track with so much potential, the lyrical ability is quite phenomenally put together and delivered like a real professional who has so much hunger.

With this type of sword-like cutting edge to his arsenal, this is an exciting time for a genre that seems to be losing its previous dominance of music fans worldwide. A new hero has just made his cape and we are here to be saved.

Here is the Spotify link to hear this Hip Hop gemstone.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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