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London-based artist Sham Parker knows exactly what is missing in his life on ‘Euphoria’

Hiding his insecurities under the blanket of past passion that is unquestionably missed with his ex-lover, Sham Parker wishes she would stop those late night calls as he wants more than that on ‘Euphoria‘.

Sham Parker is a mysteriously anonymous London, UK-based indie RnB/alt-Trap artist and music producer who makes that passionate blend of music that will grab your attention like a lightning storm.

With rasping vocals that will distract you for the better, Sham Parker reminisces about that once-strong romance that is effecting his mindset as he misses it so much, while knowing that it has surely ended permanently.

Euphoria‘ from the shadowy figure of London, UK-based indie RnB/alt-Trap musician and producer Sham Parker is a true story for all those who have felt their fragile heart smash into pieces. Displaying a true insight to a situation that spun out of control and can’t seem to be mended – no matter how much he wants it to – this is a core-shaking message. With truth everywhere, honest raps and a silky smooth beat to turn up loud, this is a song that many of us will certainly relate to.

Love can be so cruel sometimes.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and see more on the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

We’re The Soul: Finnish band Collie Magnum jump up high to reach the stars on ‘Euphoria’

As they get away from the darkness and cold climate to look for warmer days, Collie Magnum lift up the mood on their long-awaited new single called ‘Euphoria‘.

Collie Magnum is an exciting four-piece indie alt-rock band from peaceful Oulu in Northern Finland. They perform with a dazzling energy that has your mind alive, and your body ready to rock out to their ear-friendly music.

This is the heartfelt message of feeling that where you are right now — isn’t the right place for you — as you look to climb up high and do what you need to do. You feel stuck and like a stranger in your own world, so its time to rather be adventurous and get away from it all, so that you may replenish your soul and get back in the zone.

Euphoria‘ from childhood friends Collie Magnum, is that free feeling of a song that shows their positive nature and willingness, to push the boundaries of their minds to what is possible. Their sound is fresh and full of life, as they jump up and help us to forget the last twelve months, so that we may reach those goals no matter what.

Hear this riveting new single on Spotify and see their news on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

New White Shoes: Charles Keyte sings from the reflection in her eyes on ‘Euphoria’

After releasing ‘Seaside Town‘ and ‘Stuck In The Hole‘, Charles Keyte returns with the fantastic new song that will put you in a state of ‘Euphoria‘.

Charles Edward Keyte aka Charles Keyte, is a determined Leicester, England-based indie singer-songwriter. He started off with EDM tunes, to now be performing a soothing mix of indie rock music, that settles the stomach and has your head nodding along with him.

This is the story of having a crush that is like a perfect score in the exam, everything about them makes you happy and you see so much goodness when you take a closer look. You are feeling so good whilst looking at them, as you smile to yourself and wonder if you could be together. That purple hair has you struck and you like it.

He sings with such a gritty style and the electric guitar strikes hot into your mind as you bounce along and get caught up in this wonderful gaze, that has you thinking about your dream human.

Euphoria‘ from the very talented Charles Keyte, has us singing along with this fine singer who has brought us a real gem here. This is a laid-back song that has you thinking so sweetly — as your stress heals from this mellow ambiance — that has you happy inside.

Hear this awesome new single from a passionate young artist on YouTube and see more via his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Be Free Again: Atlanta dream-pop sensation Sarah Rae shows us the way to finding inner acceptance on ‘Dancing Sun’

As this gleefully happy beat rises above all else blocking your much-needed vision, Sarah Rae shows us what the next summer will sound like on her catchy new single called ‘Dancing Sun’.

Sarah Rae is a captivating indie dream-pop artist from the bustling city of Atlanta in Georgia. She wonderfully creates a spiritual experience that has you transfixed, as your body relaxes again to recharge after taking a battering in 2020/21.

”This dream-pop single was written to promote a state of euphoria, and acceptance. Knowing that we are the ultimate magician of our lives, and no matter what your situation — you can dance in the sun.”-Sarah Rae

You feel free, as you float in your mind and stop the pressure points from escalating to undesirable levels of pain and suffering. This is the perfect song to express the mellow state that we all need to be in, so you can be truly happy again without the stress of the world weighing you down like a ton of bricks on your tired shoulders.

Dancing Sun from Atlanta dazzling dream-pop artist Sarah Rae, has your body placed lovingly into a different orbit – as she sings through your whole soul to give the world something really special – that is a shiver to the spine to help you replenish properly, after a maddening twelve months of uncontrollable chaos.

Stream this fresh new soulful song on Spotify and see her IG page for her adventures.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Marshall Stannus lusts for love but not yet on indie-pop ”Friends”

After reviewing ”Springbreakers”, ”Euphoria” and now ”Friends”, Australian indie rapper-singer Marshall Stannus rolls in with next track and 3rd single of 2020.

The mysteriously brilliant Melbourne artist is certainly bringing out some quality content during these covid-19 times. Music is flowing and this is up there with his best songs so far. His vocal delivery and hard-hitting style that catches your attention is back.

Friends” finds Marshall in a good place for a while before we are lowered into the story of wanting to be friends but also needing that alone time. This is a new artist inside as realizes that this is his path and if something is in the way, he needs to let go and grow. Inside however, you keep looking at your phone thinking briefly if it was the right decision.

Melbourne, Australia Indie rapper-singer Marshall Stannus brings his a-game on this Hip Hop crunched beat ”Friends” that is an excellent track from the Australian performer on the rise.

Stream this new song here on Soundcloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Melbourne’s Marshall Stannus steps up to new level with ”Euphoria”

Your heart is lonely all the time and it feels like you are stepping into quicksand all the time. You aren’t too sure what is wrong and can’t quite work it out. Your friends are not really there for you and you know you need new ones. The world feels like a blur and deep down you know that something needs to change. Otherwise you will constantly be in this bad state.

After reviewing ”Springbreakers” from Marshall Stannus recently I was delighted to hear the new track ”Euphoria” from this incredible talent. This Australian singer rips through with real lyrics and cutting edge beats. Marshall writes so well and from the heart. He touches on how he really feels and being lonely is such common theme unfortunately.

Euphoria” is a quality new song that certainly lives up to expectation. This is a top track from Marshall Stannus and he has a huge future. The Australian artist is slowly getting new fans and will surely hit the big time in 2021.

Check out his Facebook page for more info and news on live gigs.

Click here to the Soundcloud link now to hear this track.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen