Angelo Amarello – A perfect summery invitation in ‘Let’s Drink’.

It seems like everyone’s starting to think about the end of lock-down and getting back out to seeing friends, sharing a drink, maybe going to the pub…with ‘Let’s Drink’, Angelo Amarello sings us an ode to overindulgence and perhaps having just one glass of wine too many and waking in the morning ‘with a hammer on your mind’.

It’s fun, it rocks out in a very, very well-put-together post-grunge radio-friendly kind of way – think The Calling or the Goo Goo Dolls, and maybe at times even a little single-releases-Bring Me The Horizon – with one of the catchiest choruses we’ve heard so far this year. Amerello’s voice is perfect for the track (or vice versa), laconic without being lazy and effortlessly familiar, instantly. It’s a great, perfect, summer radio rock single, and a wonderful look forward to the end of isolation.

Check out ‘Let’s Drink’ on Spotify; follow Amarello on Facebook.

Review by Alex Holmes

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