Destined to be a star from the age of 3: Brooklyn’s Ziearre tantalizes the taste-buds on ‘Cherry on Top’

The Doo Wop diner gets us in the mood as the dusty jukebox swirls around to click into action. Something special awaits. New York singer/emcee Ziearre claims his spot in our minds with his fresh new song ‘Cherry on Top‘.

A voice that is so much fun to listen to and a style that is super fresh, are two rarities in the music world. The Brooklyn based artist has so many qualities and you can feel the excitement in this song and via his Social Media. He is only getting started.

When your hero’s are Michael Jackson, Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West, Travis Scott, Tyler the Creator and J Cole just to name a few, you get a quick feel for what makes this fine young artist tick. He wants to be the best and has wanted this since his got into music, when he was a little pup at 3 years old. He can’t switch off, melodies and new ideas form into his mind all the time and his style is so rhythmical. With dance moves that make you smile, you can’t help but like Ziearre.

Now go and get yourself a ice cream with a cherry on top so that your worries disappear. ‘Cherry on Top‘ is the tasty treat you needed in your life.

Go and replenish your day on YouTube and follow this artist on his Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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