All I Know: Bluewall just wants to escape from all those soul-hurting humans on Runaway

Released from their debut 5-track EP called Double Denim, Bluewall wants to leave home immediately and get away from any negative energies that are drowning the soul into mediocrity on Runaway.

Bluewall is a fairly new Milton Keynes, UK-based 4-piece indie band who is fresh in the game and sings with such likeable fervor you can’t ever get angry with.

With their day-changing charm and soothing vibe that has you thinking that anything is possible, Bluewall has an exceedingly promising energy which might lift you off your couch and into a world that has you in a more optimistic mood.

Runaway from Milton Keynes, UK-based 4-piece indie band Bluewall is an honest single about just wanting to get far from all the bad people itching with temptation in their veins and those pesky expectations that can drown you rather quickly. Piercing with a superb soundscape and thrilling lyrics that take us through this voyage out of that town with no hope, this is a single with so much to offer us all.

When you finally move from a place that doesn’t feel like home, the fresh air in the next city will always make you sigh in relief.

Hear this fine single on Spotify and if you like their vibe, you may find them on Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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