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North Blood shows us the lonely emotions in honest detail with official video for Postman’s Whistle

Taken from their upcoming debut album called Rolling Doves, North Blood are at their genuine best with the stunning visuals of a mental health trauma so many have felt over the last few years via Postman’s Whistle.

North Blood is a 4-piece indie band from the calming lands of beautiful Lancashire who have recently dropped their first single Supermarket Flowers.

On our first practice, we realised we had something that excited us all and wanted to pursue further.” ~ Mick Bates and DRL

Hiding away the tears and watching the post stack up as the dirty plates start to crack under the strain, North Blood have made a relatable single which guides us through the terrible times that we all wish we could forget. Honestly, this is a great song and the video backs it up. Please call a friend who you have seen for a while as life is so fragile.

Postman’s Whistle from the Lancashire-based indie band North Blood is the truth. The bone-shaking truth. With a vocally serene aura and bringing us a catchy rhythm, this is a quality effort from experienced artists who get it. They’ve been around and know what the vibe is. Scintillating is one word to use. Hauntingly beautiful could be another way to describe this effort.

See this fine video on YouTube and take a break from the real world.

Check out their IG page for more news and views.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Montreal travellers Nöyze knows that the light is required for that true contentness on Guide Me

Showing us what it’s like to be on the road via the expedition to the next festival, Nöyze asks for that bright light to be shone colorfully so that wonderful love may be reunited again on Guide Me.

Nöyze is a Montreal, Canada-based indie 4-piece band who has played all over the world and continues to develop their sound throughout their life experiences.

The band’s initial influences include groups such as Pink Floyd, Kings of Leon, the Beatles, etc. With these influences as a starting point, Nöyze has created a sound which is very much its own.” ~ Nöyze

Presenting their harmonious melodies with a relaxing effect that might take you to a time and place that you recall so vividly, Nöyze are in a reflective mood on Guide Me and the Canadian band are in full flight with a marvelously serene single made from the heart.

They have once again taken the old continent by storm in the summer of 2018, playing 27 shows (festivals, theatres and clubs) in 50 days. This 15,000 km cross-country tour took them to France, Germany, England, Scotland, the Czech Republic and the Netherlands.” ~ Nöyze

Guide Me from Montreal, Canada-based indie 4-piece band Nöyze is one of those songs that stops you in your tracks. This is a peaceful single that will take you profoundly into their mentality that is only focused on that genuine love. Performed by a self-aware outfit who sounds in contemplative form and guide us to that better place, this is a track that you can’t help but truly appreciate.

Sometimes you just need to know that the light is available, so that you may be reconnected to that beautiful soul.

Hear this top song on Spotify and check out the IG page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

To The Devil: The Superphone shows love for that special soul on Guardian Angel

Sung with a supreme magnificence which shall take your mind away from the noisy pollution, The Superphone shows us deeply into a reborn state of mind on Guardian Angel.

The Superphone is a Manchester, UK-based 4-piece alternative band who are the type of outfit who shall set your heart alive because of their nostalgic nature.

We have an extensive gigography, supporting many acts across the country.” ~ The Superphone

Taking us on an electrifying ride through time which shall get all those senses ready for something different to the rest, The Superphone drops a fuse-filled explosion of a single to turn up to full volume.

Guardian Angel from Manchester, UK-based 4-piece alternative band The Superphone is a vibrant single that is laced in so much class that shall set your mind free from the temptations lurking. Lathered in so much exquisite vocal projection and with a sound that feels so precise, this is something rather fulfilling and shall change our perspective into one that is only looking forward.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and see more via IG.

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All I Know: Bluewall just wants to escape from all those soul-hurting humans on Runaway

Released from their debut 5-track EP called Double Denim, Bluewall wants to leave home immediately and get away from any negative energies that are drowning the soul into mediocrity on Runaway.

Bluewall is a fairly new Milton Keynes, UK-based 4-piece indie band who is fresh in the game and sings with such likeable fervor you can’t ever get angry with.

With their day-changing charm and soothing vibe that has you thinking that anything is possible, Bluewall has an exceedingly promising energy which might lift you off your couch and into a world that has you in a more optimistic mood.

Runaway from Milton Keynes, UK-based 4-piece indie band Bluewall is an honest single about just wanting to get far from all the bad people itching with temptation in their veins and those pesky expectations that can drown you rather quickly. Piercing with a superb soundscape and thrilling lyrics that take us through this voyage out of that town with no hope, this is a single with so much to offer us all.

When you finally move from a place that doesn’t feel like home, the fresh air in the next city will always make you sigh in relief.

Hear this fine single on Spotify and if you like their vibe, you may find them on Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The Lulas are done with this unhealthy situation and push out the negative breeze forever with ‘Get Out My Head’ (Dan Moreton Remix)

Compared to the likes of Red Hot Chili Peppers with a mix of Amy Winehouse, The Lulas knows that the time is now to move onto a better mental state away from the games and lies with a top song to dance with called ‘Get Out My Head(Dan Moreton Remix).

The Lulas is a Middlesbrough, UK-based indie 4-piece groove-pop band who brings us one of the most uplifting songs so far in 2022.

Closing the door on the past and opening up the future with a quick zip on the curtains, The Lulas urges us to shine a ray of sunlight again on our hungry souls. Sung with a terrific vitality and with a sensation beat to grip with, this is a rather special song from one of the most promising bands around.

Get Out My Head’ (Dan Moreton Remix) from Middlesbrough, UK-based indie 4-piece groove-pop act The Lulas is a full paced single to wholeheartedly remember forever. This is the type of track that is flowing with fantastic honesty, gloriously toned vocals and a fresh vibe to slide in your backpack and take home. They have a stylish glow that is rather ravishing on our enthralled senses and shall take you into a better place in time, far away from the memories of a past relationship that just didn’t work out.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Caragold wants that peaceful equanimity for us all on their beautiful new single arranged with healing ‘Sunshine’

With their debut album set for release in July 2022, Caragold is in truly inspiring form with an enlightening single that compels us to look further than that meaningless material item that won’t make you happy on ‘Sunshine‘.

Caragold is a Glenwood, Washington-based indie rock 4-piece band who has such a divinely mellow style that might have you sliding those sunglasses on and getting back into nature.

The founding member, Ross Charland, would retreat to the cabin every couple of months to write in solitude. Enough trips to the wilderness laid the foundation for the band. Yes, you may say that this stereotypical mecca to the cabin in the woods proved fruitful.” ~ Caragold

Sending us into a water-filled world that is such a delight in all of our senses as you look to get in touch with our magnificent world again, Caragold shows us that peace and love that is such a welcome ear-hugger. Smooth vocals are on offer here with a band who seem perfectly in tune to what humanity needs right now.

Sunshine‘ from Glenwood, Washington-based indie rock 4-piece band Caragold is one of the harmonious singles on offer in 2022. They sing in unison and urge us to get out of those dusty boxes – that will never make your heart joyful – unless you break out and swim free. The calming energy is rather tremendous and will take you into a better place that only has good intentions.

The unpretentious message from Caragold is one of deep meaning and exactly what we all needed to hear today.

See this peaceful video on YouTube and see more news via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Birmingham’s The Vista go back to their roots on the inspiring rock anthem, ‘Landscapes’

Knowing that those familiar hills will take them home again to that beautiful place that is somewhat comforting, The Vista sends us into a reflective spin with their latest single that might shake your spirit awake via the ‘Landscapes‘.

The Vista is a Birmingham, UK-based 4-piece indie-rock act who show us via their 4th single, that they are a band on a mission to reach the mountain top no matter what.

Hitting hard with similar vibes to their debut release, ‘Jump Into The River’, the return to true indie is a message of intent when it comes to where the band’s sound is headed. One of the first songs written by the band, the track creates strong imagery of the need to get back to familiarity in your home town and back to your loved ones when you’ve been away for too long.” ~ The Vista

With an enthused vibrancy and an extra edge that has you nodding your head at this fiery new track, The Vista shows us what underground rock sounds like in 2022 with a supreme performance of monumental proportions. The sound is clean and the energy high, as we are placed in a time where the home is needed again, to get away from a place that you don’t wish to be in anymore due to its surreal energy.

Landscapes‘ from Birmingham, UK-based 4-piece indie-rock band The Vista is a catchy single that has you thinking back to your own motherland and all its friendly smells and formerly acquainted roads. They perform with such wonderful electricity that shocks you back into place, as we are entertained by a ravenous crew who are only headed exactly where they want to go if they want it enough.

Sometimes you just need to turn back for a while, to truly go forward in life.

Listen up to this sterling new single on Spotify and check out their IG page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Building Rockets Band knows that the phone calls should be more regularly dialled on, ‘Dear Friend’

Fueled from their debut 11-track album called ‘How to Bridge the Gap‘, Building Rockets Band remind us that friendships can fade away sometimes as life occasionally takes over unexpectedly on, ‘Dear Friend‘.

Building Rockets Band is an Ironton, Ohio-based indie alternative 4-piece band who have made a name for themselves on their local circuit with a genuine mixture of soul-healing gems.

From backgrounds in rock, Americana, classical, bluegrass, big band, indie, and country the musicians of Building Rockets each bring their own unique flavor. Telling their stories of family, love, life, and loss through edgy, genre-crossing musicality.” ~ Building Rockets Band

Bringing us a memorable single that encapsulates so many humans who have just reached their 30s, Building Rockets Band sends us into a former world of joy and sadness, that is rather hard to explain if you have lost touch without explanation. Sung with sincere emotion and conveying forth a marvellous melody, this is a track to close your eyes with and recall those special memories that are stuck in your mind forever.

Influenced by their country roots, rock rebellion, the blues, and everything in between every song brings something different.” ~ Building Rockets Band

Dear Friend‘ from Ironton, Ohio-based indie alternative 4-piece band Building Rockets Band is one of those nostalgic soundtracks that take you into a flashback that reminds you of the past and those happy times. Feeling guilty that you haven’t been around more as your footpath moved in a different direction, this is a song to certainly reflect on as you ponder what truly happened.

Picking up that phone to call an old friend, is one way to get those memories flooding back.

Listen to this catchy track on Soundcloud and see more on the IG.

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The Out Seer worries that the positive vibes have evaporated forever on, ‘Good Feelings’

Ab Initio by The Out Seer

Taken off their 4-track release named ‘Ab Initio‘ and featuring excellent vocals with some terrific solos, The Out Seer are at their best with a new song all about wondering why being happy is so hard these days on, ‘Good Feelings‘.

Formed by their guitarist Ashley Pearce aka Pearcie, The Out Seer is a Vancouver, British Columbia-based 4-piece indie-rock band that makes a deliciously memorable type of riff-packed music to dance with.

They are an active and educated group of young musicians, each carrying a diploma from Selkirk College’s Contemporary Music & Technology Program.” ~ The Out Seer

The Out Seer are the type of band that you tell all your mates about as you plan the evening’s adventures while making a stop at the local rock venue. Their music is rather ear-warming as you might need a second listen, to truly get inside their superb style that draws you in as all the great bands do.

Good Feelings‘ from Vancouver, British Columbia-based indie-rock outfit The Out Seer is one of the catchiest (in a good way) tracks you might dare to listen to this year. With a scintillatingly skilful lead singer, powerful guitars and lyrical honesty that is rather rare these days, this is a new single to be totally enthused by. This is rock music at its most exciting in the underground, as we are swept in by a song that might be caught in your mind for ages as you hum this tune in joyous unison.

Hear this tremendous new single on Bandcamp and see more news via their IG page.

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Liverpool rockers Detroit Run speeds away from that haunting reflection that is ‘Chasing Shadows’

With a weighty gallop that is thundering at full pace, Detroit Run are at its electric best with a fearsome display on their 3rd release, ‘Chasing Shadows‘.

Detroit Run is an exhilarating and newly formed 4-piece alt-rock band from Liverpool, UK, that summons the energy from within to make those anthems that are stuck in your head for days on end.

Displaying great poise and refilling our ears with something rather encouraging to ultimately support with much vigour and belief, Detroit Run sprints splendidly with a deft touch and Salah’s sharpness, impressively showing that rock music is certainly alive and well with so much on offer in 2022.

After dropping ‘Drowning‘ and ‘Mercy‘ recently, this is the final release from their gleefully-awaited debut EP, that has local underground fans licking their lips in anticipation.

Chasing Shadows‘ from Liverpool, UK-based indie alternative rock act Detroit Run is a fully charged thunderbolt of emotions with spooky lyrics that will have many shivering to their deepest core. This is the striking story of knowing that there is a power greater than what you can comprehend right next to you, that is holding you back from ever being free to true contentment. Sung with fierce determination, this is UK rock at its pulsating best.

Listen up to their new creation on Spotify and see more news via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen