All Day Long: Yung Pootie drops the excellently flowed doing-it-right Round$ free$tyle

After recently joining us for one of the best interviews we’ve had so far, Yung Pootie drops one of the smoothest singles in 2023 via the bar-heavy gem of a track, Round$ free$tyle.

Yung Pootie is an inspiring Hood Blues artist who resides in Marion, Indiana and has a visionary mindset which will surely show others where the keys are to that inner creativity.

Also known as ZIGGY2JIGGY and ripping up the script to guide others away from making whatever is supposedly ‘cool’ to release, Yung Pootie gives us a really good feeling as he descends a fresh ride-now single to turn up the night with.

Round$ free$tyle from Marion, Indiana-based indie Hood Blues artist Yung Pootie is a tight track made to get all bodies moving no matter the weather. This is a flight-hopping single for the grinders out there, who have flipped their vibe around despite the challenges of the past.

Turn this up on full voltage for maximum enjoyment.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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