Abandon the Fall wonders why others hide it on Devours You (feat. Dayshell)

Needing a saint to take us away from the complete dismantling of everything you deem important, Abandon the Fall eats through the plastic package away like a hungry Lion ready for mealtime on Devours You (feat. Dayshell).

Abandon the Fall is a Juan Espinoza-created indie alternative rock project based in Houston, Texas, that thuds the bass on full blast always.

Stunning our senses to the height of total meltdown, Abandon the Fall reminds us of early Linkin Park and might be the Heroes we needed this whole time. They rocket fuel themselves into a stratosphere that shall get your attention like when you hear a band who gets it. Passionate music with a message is back, if you let it always intertwine with your overflowing mind.

Devours You (feat. Dayshell) from Houston, Texas-based indie alternative rock outfit Abandon the Fall is an explosive song that will certainly make you feel again. With a passionately brewed outlook and driving soundscapes to put a shiver on your bones, this is something raw, strong and grizzled, with that underrated excellence.

Listen up to this explosive new track on Spotify and see more on the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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