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Surfing The Stratosphere: Queens, NY-based Elevated Focusion breathtakingly boosts our mindsets forever on brilliant interview

Watching from below and moving on from Jonny Rythmns and keeping it rather experimental all the way, Elevated Focusion flows into our lives and illuminates a ray of hope for us all. We find out more in an exclusive interview that can’t be ignored with streetwear added in to make things extra intriguing.

Llewelyn: We appreciate you joining us Elevated Focusion. Firstly, we love your artist name. Where did it come from and what is the story behind it?

Elevated Focusion: Elevated Focusion is the moment where an idea and the execution come together. Counter culture. not being complacent. trying to break the mold. going against the grain

Llewelyn: Please tell us more about your debut album and release of the clothing line?

Elevated Focusion: The self-titled debut album is a genre-bending album in June 2023 that will combine his love for New York culture and all genres of music. It’s a mixed bag from of all my musical and cultural influences as well as life experiences.

Growing up in New York in the 90s, I was a huge fan of the creativity in the graffiti characters in NYC street fashion. The body art in 80s/90s horror always captivated me as well. In addition, I grew up watching trippy cartoons like The Ren & Stimpy Show and Duckman. I love science fiction, and tatoo art always fascinated me. With the Elevated Focusion clothing line, I really wanted to take all of my childhood influences and combine them with the creativity of NYC graffiti and streetwear fashion.

Llewelyn: Jonny Rythmns. That was your artist name before. Please detail the change and what made you rebrand?

Elevated Focusion: I used the name Jonny Rythmns when I made instrumental music on my synthesizer keyboard. All of this music was created during 2001-2004. It is 100% instrumental music made up of hip-hop beats, music for video games, trippy music, concept albums, new age music, experimental music, sci-fi soundtrack, and space music.

In 2022, during quarantine, I decided to release all my old music under the name Jonny Rythmns. The first Jonny Rythmns’ release was my most experimental album called Elevated Focusion.

I chose Elevated Focusion to be my name going forward as it represents who I want to be as an artist, whether in experimental electronic music or as a streetwear clothing brand. My goal with the Elevated Focusion brand is to unite my love for all different genres and art styles through eclectic music and alternative fashion in collaboration with various artists.

Llewelyn: Is there a particular series you’d like to be in or perhaps a movie franchise?

Elevated Focusion: I would love to make music for any kind of movie or TV. But I personally love Horror, Drama, and Sci Fi.

Llewelyn: Experimental electronic music is your game. Why do you love it so much and how did you get into it? Was it through a live show or just exploring different genres?

Elevated Focusion: I really do love every genre of music and I like to make people dance. I’m also a bit of a weirdo. Experimental electronic music just called to me I guess.

Llewelyn: How would you describe your music to someone who’d just arrived from another galaxy?

Elevated Focusion: The Elevated Focusion album is a soundtrack to my life. It is everything I have felt emotionally and experienced physically. It is my life. It is my mind. And it is New York as seen through my eyes.

Llewelyn: Queens, NY. What’s it like there? Some really famous artists are from your home town. Is the music culture alive and kicking like you want it to be?

Elevated Focusion: Queens is the most culturally diverse place in the world. From people to sounds to food and beyond. There is also a mix of darkness, danger, and depression which has heavily influenced my lyrics on the album.

Llewelyn: Lastly, who do you make music for and who inspires you every day?

Elevated Focusion: This is a passion project for me so I make music in whatever way I feel inspired. A lot of love goes into every song. I created this project to reach open-minded people who are looking for something different.

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Shurpi gets us back into the right mindset with Energy

Taken from his head-turning, body-grooving 8-track release called Mastered The Art, Shurpi shall unwrap the unhelpful plastic lodged bottomless into our fractured frontal lobes with the dynamic new single, Energy.

Shurpi is a Boris Shurp-created EDM project that swirls around in brilliantly radiant energy to enhance our minds and calms our busy souls with only pure music to get thrilled about.

Turning our attention away from all distractions and dropping the heat to warm up all unconscious cruces, Shurpi sends all shivers into the freezer on this sublime track. If you like it foot-tapping and natural, you’ve entered the right door.

Energy from the genre-busting electronic music producer Shurpi is a quite terrific single to get ecstatic about no matter where in the world you are right now. This is an ear-piercing song with a calibrated sequence to snap back into reality. Right now.

Can you feel it? Let it sink in, it’s coming.

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Waiting in the line: Code E1 might have missed the warning signs on Nothing here sounds good

Nothing here sounds good by Nick Cody Music

Skillfully taken off the upcoming (May 12th, 2023) debut album Year of the Bat Cat, Code E1 gazes at the stars to find something that actually means something in a rather unpleasant world on Nothing here sounds good.

Code E1 is a Nick Cody-created Leeds, UK-based indie music project which reminds us of better days as the authentic melodies seem to brush away all previous apprehensions.

in collaboration with remixer Black Star Liner. Code E1 is a fusion of Nick’s haunting melodies with Black Star Liner’s trademark electronic beats and engaging rhythms. Black Star Liner were favoured by John Peel as well as being nominated for a Mercury music award.” ~ Nick Cody

Sending us into a nostalgic pond to swim inside to see the real connection, Code E1 has dropped a real timeless wonder to play loud and with so much knowledgeable insight into what so many millions are currently feeling.

Nothing here sounds good from the UK-based Code E1 is a magnificent song for all the right reasons. Guiding us through the plastic of the world and leading us towards an honest story, which will stun many and have others in the music scene nodding their head. Sung with an experienced tone which shall warm all awaiting ears, to show us what reality looks like.

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After School: Mattelight remembers those fun Tony Hawk times

With massive inspiration from the classic Tony Hawk Pro Skater game, Mattelight jams with youthful delight to savour on the superb new single to grind with, Tony Hawk.

Mattelight aka Matthew Parker is a New Paltz, New York-based indie rock project who loves to bring laughs and nostalgia to our lives at each possible opportunity.

Taken from the 12-track release from 2019, Greatest Hits!, Mattelight ramps us back to an innocent time with introspective lyrics, a likeable video and ear-hugging vocals to stir that passion from within. If you like music to take all worries away, this is the perfect tonic.

Tony Hawk from New Paltz, New York-based indie rock solo singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Mattelight is a refreshingly honest story about how life flips around so quickly. Showing love for his mates and those fun times munching snacks and playing a classic video game, we are thrilled to the core by a catchy song which will get many feet tapping nostalgically.

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I Couldn’t Let You Go: Benevolent and DIvine follows his soul on Hyacinth

Taken from his upcoming debut album The Bouquet, Benevolent and DIvine searches bravely for that happy place to thrive on the heart-shining new single to glide away with on the 1st single Hyacinth.

Benevolent and DIvine is a Long Island, USA indie project led by the enigmatic Branden Andrade who has a hugely loyal following due to his honest ways and memorable performances.

Impressing from all corners and taking us for an exhilarating ride with vocally breathtaking technique, Benevolent and DIvine steam in and take us on a voyage that is unlikely to be forgotten quickly. This is a song which has exponential meaning and kind force, which shall take many into a hugely reflective place.

Hyacinth from Long Island-born indie solo project Benevolent and DIvine is a shining example of how well-crafted music can certainly be used to fly away from the hate. Skyrocketing high into the sky and leading us into a better perspective, we find a single waiting to be unwrapped rather quickly and with meaning.

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The Jungle Invites You: SosaKollektiv shows us where the darkly lit tracks hide in Guyana

Forewarning us to watch out whilst walking late at night in a scary jungle, SosaKollektiv guides us all towards the light on the hugely fierce new single called Guyana.

SosaKollektiv is a German-based indie alternative experimental project who makes those mysterious gems which are hard to ever forget.

A band made of three german friends, who all have a different taste in music. And you can hear it in our music, as every song sounds different from the other. Instead of focusing on one or a couple mixed genres, we produce in a huge variety of genres.” ~ SosaKollektiv

Displaying a raw intensity and with an ancient map to get excited about, SosaKollektiv escape from the treacherous temple and finds that glorious place where so much happiness shall occur.

Guyana from the German-based indie alternative experimental act SosaKollektiv is one of the more unique efforts anyone on this planet will surely hear in their lifetime. Soaked in so much vibrance and impressively fusing two languages in one, this is a passionate single to sing with for hours.

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3rd Degree: Canadian folk act Borrowed Standards return with the foot-tapping track Boombox On My Knee

With a catchy release that shall be heard all over the neighborhood, Borrowed Standards aren’t giving up easily and shall do whatever it takes to be with that special lover on Boombox On My Knee.

Borrowed Standards aka Dylan Csincsa is a Manitoba, Canada-based indie experimental folk project who formulates that joyous music to dance with all night with a few cold ones.

Transporting us back to a time when something impressive had to occur to reach the happy road, Borrowed Standards have released a sterling song to play on repeat. Drenched in honesty and soaked in so much genuineness, with passionate vocals to keep us truly inspired.

Boombox On My Knee from Manitoba, Canada-based indie experimental folk Borrowed Standards is a single laden with so much creativity it shall make many smile. Showing us that love can be saved if two hearts may mend as one, just like it should be.

When you’re in love, anything is possible.

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Hold Your Ground: Downcutting Streams uncovers those fears forever on The Landscape of Denial

With an assortment of breathless sounds to be enchanted by, Downcutting Streams returns with an ear-piercing single to be completely enchanted by on The Landscape of Denial.

Downcutting Streams is a location hidden indie alternative project that features some of the most exquisite vocals you’re likely to ever hear.

Inspired by moral dilemmas I see in the world, as I fancy myself a good observer, I wrote the lyrics which, if you look closer, you can recall your own situations you’ve had, have or will face.” ~ Downcutting Streams

Featuring the calming flute, the well-performed guitar and that stunningly healing piano, Downcutting Streams has unquestionably created one of the more fascinating underground songs to swim into our earlobes this year.

The Landscape of Denial from indie alternative project Downcutting Streams is an experience that is hard to explain unless you have been inside this whirlpool of wonder with the volume on max. Sung with a heartfelt meaning and with an intricately mesmerizing style that could shock all senses awake, this is a noteworthy effort indeed.

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Stop Coming: HELLRAZOR feels the hours turn to days on Hanging On By A Thread

After a twelve year hiatus and returning with explosive aplomb, HELLRAZOR feels like everything is ending with the warning song we needed to hear on the powerful track Hanging On By A Thread.

HELLRAZOR is a Kasey Haze-fueled indie rock project by the well-respected guitarist/singer-songwriter who certainly isn’t shy about turning up the volume.

Among many accomplishments, HELLRAZOR beat out 179 Canadian bands to play in Emergenzas worldwide music festival placing 22 overall out of thousands of bands.” ~ HELLRAZOR (taken from their website)

Urging us to break free from the clutches of the world, HELLRAZOR rips up the couches and gets that frustration out with a modern day classic for the hardworking and freedom-chasing folks out there.

I was in the process of writing more songs and had lots of ideas for HELLRAZOR back in 2008. But the band broke up, nothing was recorded and everything was shelved. I never used any of the material for other projects because they were HELLRAZOR.” ~ Kasey Haze in 2020

Hanging On By A Thread from indie rock underground party starters HELLRAZOR is a song for anyone who has felt like they aren’t wanted anymore. Electrified to a level many will find ear-bursting, this is a wake up and get away from anything that isn’t making you happy anthem.

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The Overseas Project shows us their world class quality on Talaash

Taken from their new 4-track EP called Umeed, The Overseas Project is rather impressive on a special song to rejoice nostalgically with and it’s called Talaash.

The Overseas Project is an indie electronica/rock-fusion 3-piece project who is on a mission to keep things fresh and to elevate their sound into a new stratosphere.

Founded by Amitabh Sengupta and Hasib Reza, The Overseas Project shows us something rather refreshingly different to the rest of the pack. Laden with a rather warm glow that will get you feeling healed up again, there is so much to be thrilled by on this real gem. Ear-pleasing and dynamic in nature, it is hard not to tap your foot inside this rather fine effort from a tight unit.

Talaash from electronica/rock-fusion 3-piece group The Overseas Project is a memorable song for all the right reasons. Featuring a smooth vocal style that will get you admiring the excellence attached, this is a must-listen track of 2022. The production is rather delicious and with a combination of genres to get your body alive-this is a flight-filled single to play loud-that will have you soaring away from all the previous darkness.

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