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Florida-based The S-ft F-cus feels loveably infected with romantic feelings on, ‘This Divine Love’

Taken from his recent 6-track release called ‘Lousy w’ Love‘, The S-ft F-cus shows the kids what a riff should sound like with the dreamy new single that shall have you feeling like you are in another dimension entirely on, ‘This Divine Love‘.

The S-ft F-cus is the solo passion project of Florida, USA-based Australian indie rock veteran, Danny Lee Allen, who makes the kind of music to get your body grooving all night long.

One thing I’ve learnt from some of the fantastic songwriters I’ve worked with is not to waste time pushing directions you’re not 100% sure of. It’s like that old dating mantra, “if it’s not a hell yes, then it’s hell no” meaning I take an idea to its logical conclusion and then promptly move on. As soon as I’m even slightly unsure about a part or lyric, I just leave it and come back.” ~ The S-ft F-cus

With a cruisy-cool mentality that features some of the best guitar skills you might hear all day, The S-ft F-cus shows us this passion project that feels so relaxed, as if there is no point to prove at all. Layered with a festival-like ambience that sends your heart shuddering with excitement, this is a smashing exhibition from an artist who shows us his intent with a really intricate performance up there with the best.

The title is Lousy with Love, which initially sounds like a reference to ‘one who is bad at love’ but it’s actually used in the sense of abundance. It actually comes from lousy hair (as in having lice) which makes it even funnier to me. To have so much love surround you, you’re practically infected with it.” ~ The S-ft F-cus

This Divine Love‘ from the Florida-based Australian rocker The S-ft F-cus leads us into a track that feels like could have been made in the 70s. There is such an aura of calmness here that has you feeling inspired for more, as your eyes widen and you realize that you were actually wrong about that romance you thought would work out. Sung with real intensity and an almost psychedelic vibe of discovery, this is a single made with expert skills and an energy that feels just right.

Embark on this new adventure on Spotify and see more news via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Calgary’s Her Motives Are Silent pleads for that deserved peace for humanity on ‘Pieces’

Pieces by Her Motives Are Silent

With his eagerly-anticipated debut album being currently created to perfection and on the way soon, Her Motives Are Silent sends the world a song that should be heard by the current world leaders who persist to cause devastating butchery without feelings on, ‘Pieces‘.

Founded by Michael Valenzuela, Her Motives Are Silent is an experimental solo project that has been warmly created in beautiful Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

His goal is solely to create art that resonates with others. Hoping to make timeless music that defies limitations. His music is a mix of genres ranging from pop, rock, piano ballads, noir, electronic, trip-hop, orchestral, psychedelic and ambient.” ~ Her Motives Are Silent

Gliding up above to lead the way for those who have lost hope and only see such haunting visions that have been thrown at them lately, Her Motives Are Silent shows such care and a leader’s mentality with a beat that will pull on all your feelings.

Pieces‘ from Calgary, Alberta-based experimental artist, composer, drummer and music producer Her Motives Are Silent, is an emotional call for common sense to prevail again in this wartorn world that needs a calm holding of hands to bring some sense of normality again. He sings with an air of love and understanding, which is such an inspiring listen. This is the type of release that will cause your heart to beat faster, as you take time to have a moment of silence for those who continue to lose their lives.

Love and peace must always conquer, not hate and war.

Hear this deep new single on Bandcamp.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

UK music producer Audio Jacked drops debut single ‘Won’t Be Locked Down’ (feat. Jessie Wagner)

Released from his label Funktasy Records, Audio Jacked shows that proper assertiveness that should ward off any selfish humans who just want to control their lovers on the beat-heavy new single to wake you up called ‘Won’t Be Locked Down(feat. Jessie Wagner).

Audio Jacked is a Daniel Puddick-created electronic project that is based in the UK and this experienced music producer and writer has just sliced our earlobes with his new creation.

Back in 1990, Daniel Puddick aka Audio Jacked ran several club sites and club nights where he first played out his material.” ~ Audio Jacked

Introducing us to his sound that is perfect for that late-night sweaty dance floor where lovers shall meet, Audio Jacked sizzles with a debut that is memorable for its crisp sound and inspiring lyrics that might set you free from any previous dungeons you found yourself inside.

Won’t Be Locked Down(feat. Jessie Wagner) from the UK-based electronic music producer Audio Jacked, is a catchy single that should encourage us all to stay free and to never let anyone else bring us down. There is a fabulously fresh sound here that is ultimately perfect for our senses to wrap heartily into, as we laugh at the mistakes we made before. Moving up to an elevated place where your heart won’t be smashed open, is the only way to live after all.

Hear this new dance single on Spotify and see more via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Daniel Roman cools off in the groove with the sensually stimulating new single, ‘For Me’ (feat. Trevor Cooke)

Following on from his debut EP ‘LUCKY‘ from late 2021, Daniel Roman took his time to reinvent his sound and experimented until he knew this was the one as we swim deeply into the catchy new single, ‘For Me(feat. Trevor Cooke).

Daniel Roman is a 17-year-old San Francisco, USA-based indie-pop music producer who returns with a track that reflects his goodbye to childhood.

Soaking us sweetly with a sensational song that is all about staying in the moment, Daniel Roman and Trevor Cooke transmit us an honest reminder that when you see that spark in the eye – it’s best to use this vital opportunity to be together – otherwise, you will regret it forever if you miss out.

With an electric ambience of enthralling production that heats up your mind, this is a seriously good track to play loud and dance with all night as you party the evening away until sunrise.

For Me(feat. Trevor Cooke) from the San Francisco, USA-based indie-pop music producer Daniel Roman, is the what-are-you-waiting-for anthem about taking your chance when you see it. There is so much to lather inside here on this dance floor slider, that will have your eyes alive with excitement as you are motivated to live only for now.

Featuring stunning vocals that will send you a soul-awakening shiver and a beaming smile all at once, this is a fine track that will surely summon you inside that youthfulness-filled energy that you thought would never end.

Listen up to the first single off his new project on Spotify and see more news on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen