8udDha bl0od – 1771: Psychedelically-Laced 60s-Inspired Pop Rock


1771 is just one of the recently released singles by Brighton-based Alt artist 8udDha bl0od. Arguably, the psychedelically-laced Pop Rock single is up there with the most cathartic we’ve heard from them yet.

The frill-free soundscape invites you to slip into a kaleidoscopically entrancing track which invokes 60s nostalgia. Above the light instrumental arrangement, the vocals easily and ethereally resonate above the gentle rhythms compelling you to sink deeper into the track and latch onto the lyrics to ingest the sentimental mindfulness.

What I will always appreciate about 8udDha bl0od is their ability to break free from tonal archetypes. They consistently surprise us with the seemingly endless number of ways their ingenuity can aurally manifest.  Fans of the Beatles, Pink Floyd, The Zombies and the Rolling Stone will find plenty to be enamoured by when they hit play on 1771.

You can check out 1771 for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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