I Want You To: Laughing Boy drops dashing love-scorn soul debut single ‘You’ll Never Say I Love You’

Blessing us with his first release from the three-track EP ‘A Commuters Guide To Avoiding Interaction’, Laughing Boy tells us a true story about wondering why they never said those special words which you were longing for on ‘You’ll Never Say I Love You‘.

Laughing Boy is a Northern-born, East London, UK-based indie-soul singer-songwriter. He makes that cinematic experience which is such a fantastic listen, as his profoundly eloquent vocals are matched with such heartfelt lyrics.

A chance meeting with members of the backing band ‘The Under-sink Essentials’ led to the collaboration that shaped the sound to come, drawing influences from classic soul, funk, jazz, 90’s R’N’B, Neo-soul and Acid Jazz.” ~ Laughing Boy

You feel his tranquil energies shine through the closed door as he torments himself – whilst wondering why they didn’t take the step he did – as his mind washes around quickly like being in a cold thunderstorm, to a place he knows isn’t healthy for his broken heart.

You’ll Never Say I Love You‘ from the expressive East London artist Laughing Boy, is a stunning song which shows you his deep regret that his partner scorned him, for no particular reason. All he did was show love, but perhaps this was not meant to be. With a terrific vocal ability and a supremely thoughtful style, this is a rather reflective song which is a fantastic debut.

Sometimes the search to finding your true love leads you to unexpected places. The person you thought was perfect for you, was actually just there to teach you to only open your heart, to those who are truly worth it.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see the IG page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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