”WOOB ( When Outside Open Back)” from I-Bari (EYEBAREYE) ft Th3rd is an ode to the future

St.Thomas, US Virgin Islands is the home of I-Bari (EYEBAREYE) and he joins up with Th3rd on the future life video called ”WOOB (When Outside Open Back)”.

The name of the song says it all really. This is an ode to the future and what we can look forward to when the world opens up. Going outside, seeing friends and being free. Life will be good again.

Produced by Nova Elite Audio and JMTB this has a party and travelling message that is a scrumptious bite of flavor to the dusty taste of 2020. I like the swaggy beat that echoes through the speakers. The message is of positivism and a picture of what will and be like. Post COVID-19 of course.

I-Bari is such a real artist and shows us what life will be like when things return to some sense of normalcy. His lyrical skills shine through like a welcome light, away from the harsh realities of present time in most countries. The St.Thomas, US Virgin Island artist joins up so well with Th3rd on ”WOOB (When Outside Open Back)”.

Connect with I-Bari on Youtube.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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