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Keeping that positive mindset: Denim Dan shows us that through darkness ‘Life Has Just Begun’

Taken off the recent twelve-track full album release ‘No Guarantee‘, ‘Life Has Just Begun‘ from US singer-songwriter Denim Dan is the latest gritty song from the prolific musician with a real message for us all.

With an electric start that powers in with some hot bass-lines that will cause you some sunburn if you don’t turn it up loud enough, we are soon treated to a poet on a mission to spread his own brand of positive energy.

His vibrant tone shows us that we need to jump into the pool of life and not think twice as this is the only way to stay sane in this crazy world. We have all been stuck into thinking way too far ahead, not living into the moment and this is what 2020 taught us. Starting fresh is the mindset to use and not to let anything else drag you down.

His voice is a true guiding light through the darkness and Denim Dan brings us a can full of thought-snacks via ‘Life Has Just Begun‘. He is a man who is choosing to stay positive about horrible times and for this, we all need to take a deep breath and listen to his truthful message.

Stream his new song here on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Pushing positive energy to the universe: ‘Better Believe It’ from Ether is a song about backing yourself

Fort Myers, Florida based emcee Ether brings us a Hip Hop track all about knowing that the time to shine is now, not later. His smooth flow flourishes on a mellow beat that hits the spot just right. The is a musician that speaks on positive vibes and is not a fan of that corny rap beef that often overshadows the genre that loses way too many lives; for reasons that are very petty and could be avoided.

He is on a mission to get that bread so he can feed his family and the hunger steams so deliciously into our souls. With excellent visuals on the music video, we are brought into a world of a creative on the rise.

There is energy of warmth here that looms large like a sunny day after a massive thunderstorm. His lyrical prowess is something to behold as he keeps things clear and simple. This is his time to shine so he can empower his community.

Florida emcee Ether shows his awareness with what he needs to do in life and isn’t concerned with anyone else besides those close to him. With a quality lyrical ability that is showcased vividly on ‘Better Believe It’. A song that promotes togetherness and teaching the youth on how it should done, this is the guiding light that the Hip Hop community needs at the moment. Backed with his self-confidence and willing to put in the hard work to make the journey successful; this is a combination that is tough to dislike.

Hear the audio here on his Spotify, see the video on YouTube and follow the message on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

”WOOB ( When Outside Open Back)” from I-Bari (EYEBAREYE) ft Th3rd is an ode to the future

St.Thomas, US Virgin Islands is the home of I-Bari (EYEBAREYE) and he joins up with Th3rd on the future life video called ”WOOB (When Outside Open Back)”.

The name of the song says it all really. This is an ode to the future and what we can look forward to when the world opens up. Going outside, seeing friends and being free. Life will be good again.

Produced by Nova Elite Audio and JMTB this has a party and travelling message that is a scrumptious bite of flavor to the dusty taste of 2020. I like the swaggy beat that echoes through the speakers. The message is of positivism and a picture of what will and be like. Post COVID-19 of course.

I-Bari is such a real artist and shows us what life will be like when things return to some sense of normalcy. His lyrical skills shine through like a welcome light, away from the harsh realities of present time in most countries. The St.Thomas, US Virgin Island artist joins up so well with Th3rd on ”WOOB (When Outside Open Back)”.

Connect with I-Bari on Youtube.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen