With a stunning voice and sweet soul, FAI heals our hearts with ‘Comet’

Faiza Khan aka FAI, is an indie singer-songwriter based in Kuwait who elegantly strides through with her debut original called ‘Comet‘.

Produced by Jacob Moumjian and with guitars by Omar Salem, ‘Comet‘ captures the beauty and feelings associated with a budding love. This is such a gorgeous song that wrapped sweet melodies with reflective backgrounds.

Comet‘ is a song FAI wrote in her bedroom on a random day in November. She has always idealized the image of the type of love it depicts. It tells a story of a really rare and beautiful kind of love that very few people know and when she wrote the song, FAI originally wrote it as a love song to herself (crazy, but I think it’s quite cute). She always wanted someone to view her in the way the character in the song views her lover, and feel those delicate feelings towards FAI. FAI’s debut single is dedicated to anyone who ever wanted a love song written about them, but had no one write one for them. This one is for the hopeless romantics.

I get lost with FAI’s soothing voice and enjoyed each second of ‘Comet‘. The world needs more beauty like this work of stunning art.

Stream here.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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