Jefe Gold brings the ‘summertime rap’ with “Kamikaze”

Yeah, ok – there’s an obvious Marshall Mathers-shaped elephant in the room when Jefe Gold’s vocal first starts up, a fine, soft-rolling lyrical rap reminiscent of the best of Eminem or maybe, at times, Machine Gun Kelly, but when the “You can tell everybody mama, I’m a kamikaze” hook drops that just doesn’t matter; it’s got more than enough weight to carry itself, all BY itself.

The track’s soft, a vaguely Japanese melodic line playing round behind Gold’s rapping until that big, big chorus – this is quality summertime radio-friendly rap that wouldn’t sound out of place nestled between any number of Gold’s more well-established peers.

You can check out the track on Spotify, and Jefe Gold’s Facebook page is here.

Review by Alex Holmes

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