Wilber – 3am: Master of The Mix Tape

At the tender age of 21 Wilber Leon has become a master of the mix tape, combining minimalistic beats with poignant lyrics. His music is delightfully and millennially sweet. His brand-new track 3am is a masterpiece of emotion. There’s a delectable sense of modern romance behind the track without any over-sentimentality. It’s raw, and real, and something that everyone can relate to. There’s a deep sense of melancholy within his music that you just can’t ignore, which is highly resonant and not something you hear frequently from male rap artists. I mean, you get the typical ‘I want you back tracks’ which are massively over produced in the mainstream rap scene, but 3am encapsulates something else entirely. It’s real, Wilber offers you his own emotions for you to feel through his anchoring melodies.

Wilber orchestrates delectably delicate arrangements through his music, using fragile samples of sound to truly convey heart wrenching emotion.

If you’re a fan of Kendrick Lemar, Jay Z, and J. Cole; you’re going to want this conceptual artist on your rap playlist.

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