While The Rain Is Falling Down: Schiedam hard rock band Black Nazareth are tremendously electrifying on icy ‘Cold As Stone’

Returning with their fourth rambunctious single, Black Nazareth send our anxious minds into a slippery spin on the chilly roads within the mountains of doom, as they run quickly to get out of the pouring rain and strange darkness with ‘Cold As Stone‘.

Black Nazareth is a vigorous Schiedam, Netherlands-based indie rock n roll four-piece act who always bring the hardness through their powerful soundscapes and driving energy, that shows you their dedication to smashing windows that can’t take the strength, of their movie-like songs.

”The name Black Nazareth comes from the nickname of their hometown Schiedam. Distilled from these grounds, these four rock veterans will bring to you their new band. Black Nazareth stands for a hard workin’, hard partying, and hard rock n rolling pack of dogs soon to crank you speakers with some powerful, melodic, dynamic and pounding heavy tracks to fill your days, and most of all: your nights”.- Black Nazareth

You feel an echo brewing in your apprehensive mind as you transport yourself into their cinematic single with such creepy atmosphere, as they light a fuse to get away from the ghosts of the night, that are coming closer towards you with a freaky energy that is knife-like.

This is a band that swerves into the dark road to grab you away from danger, as their music has you reaching for that asthma pump, your breath shortened and not sure of what to do next.

Cold As Stone‘ by the band from a distillery town that is known for having the biggest windmills in the world, Black Nazareth rage in with a song that has you holding on tight to get out of whatever frosty situation you find yourself in. This is a thundering effort from a band with all the hallmarks of a top class rock outfit, that give it their all on this dynamic new single.

Stream this full-blooded track on their Spotify and see more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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