Agua Roja – Be Alone: The Anti-Love Song You Never Knew You Needed

There certainly isn’t a shortage of Alternative Indie Pop on the scene, but it didn’t take long into the progression of Agua Roja’s latest synthy masterpiece Be Alone for me to appreciate how much brighter the band shines than the rest. There simply aren’t enough tracks in any genre about how awesome it is to be alone. The French trio Agua Roja have a distinctively empowering air to both vocals and lyrics that are impossible not to resonate with. The poignant lyricism is just what was need to shine a ray of light through the disparity of all of the superfluous love songs in the Pop genre today. There’s something beautifully ironic about a Parisian band creating an anti-love song, and the nihilist in me absolutely adores it. With plenty of hookish drops and seamless progression is still everything you expect from a Pop act, yet, the sentiment is infinitely rawer creating a haunting, ambient soundscape.

You can check out Agua Roja’s debut track Be Alone on SoundCloud  which will be officially released on April 20th, 2018

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Review by Amelia Vandergast

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