Kaqeo Vega – Wilyn : A new Ice-cool lyrical Vibe

This song has that smooth cool attitude that’s hot and all tasty – it tastes of nothing like crimson but like a cream crispy dessert. Kaqeo might as well have gotten his musical influence from the “black beetle” crooner Rae Sremmurd because his style of rap isn’t quite too different from theirs.

A balanced music diet is what that’s been served right on this track. “Wilyn” is that perfect mix of every element which characterizes a good music, technically well-toned up and all mashed up in the right proportion to conjure such an awesome smash hit like this one.

The mid-tempo beat of this song is quite alluring and awesome; it might seem too simple but yet captivating.

Pure talent isn’t too hard to find, Kaqeo has a nice lyrics and a good lyrical flow, perhaps this was what made the rapper to be able to weave his word on a smooth glide. The flow of the song is also flawless and clean.

No doubt, there’s definitely still, some more work that’s needed to be done to enable Kaqeo to unleash his full potential because his creativity is top notch.

Being consistently consistent and keeping to his original sound without allowing the industry influence rid him of his precious style he’s already started to create himself, is the only thing that can propel Kaqeo music career to the zenith.

Everything you could possibly ask for in regular cool hip hop/ rap music genre is what “Wilyn” is all about.

Overall, it is decent rap music with an eccentric vibe that’s well structured and organised. I’m looking forward to seeing more nice songs from Kaqeo, and I just hope you won’t disappoint.


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