We Lost The Magic: Really Low looks for the mental fortitude on ‘LYS’

Taken off his debut EP called ‘Bexarly Makin It‘, Really Low leads us into a past relationship that has slowly faded away from what it was on ‘LYS‘.

Really Low is a thoughtful San Antonio, Texas hip-hop artist. He puts together that true life soundtrack that simmers in hot with real scenes, that makes you think so deeply inside your perspective.

You feel his message so far into your mind, as you relate to this story of when you were with someone that needed to find that inner boost themselves. Your relationship was going well but then something came up that left you bitterly disappointed with their actions — as the uncertain inner soul started to shatter the bond — like a fragile glass window being hit suddenly by a brick.

His rhymes are slick and well-constructed — his reflective tone has you listening so carefully — he spreads his flow like a wave in the washy sea, as you nod your head and admire his rap style.

LYS‘ from the emerging San Antonio, Texas hip-hop artist Really Low, is that true story of being with someone that doesn’t love themselves yet for some reason. Eventually the worrying insecurities gets too much and starts to make you nervous too. At the end of the day, they need to learn self-love as you really need this for your hearts to fully mesh together and be one strong team forever.

Stream this deep track on Spotify and see more release news on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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