Drey Cunningham’s Offering of Exotically Hyped Hip Hop

In May 2018 we were treated to Drey Cunningham’s latest drop Happy Time, he teamed up with fellow Rap artist Lil Lito and producer Tobiaas to create a hyped beat that I can guarantee will offer you a gritty, real, feverish offering of Grime fuelled by a mix of contemporary and old school beats. Whilst a few of the lyrics in the verses were a little questionable there’s no disputing that Drey & Lil Lito have a unique rhythmic edge behind their Rap bars.

I have no doubt that the Madagascan based artist Drey Cunningham can give all the NYC rappers a run for their money with Happy Time. He may be on the underground now, but he’s certainly poured the heat of Madagascar into his beats to create a track which would be perfect to whack on your summertime Hip Hop playlists. Whilst the lyricism may be a little harsh, the beat flows at the perfect tempo allowing you to slide into the beat and get wrapped up in the momentum of Drey’s vibe.

You can check out Drey’s latest track ft. Lil Lito on SoundCloud now

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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