‘Way Up’ by Artise: CA is chanting ‘Hercules, Hercules, Hercules….’

Up and coming artist, Terrance Johnson aka “Artise” releases, ‘Way Up’ and it is every bit a representation of the dexterous rappers on the East Palo Alto, CA scene.

‘Way Up’ is heavily laden with that decadent, hard-earned heritage. That said, Artise’s privileged musical legacy serves as a springboard to his own style and lyrics, riddled with stories from the street, and not deprived of raw, grimy appeal.

This is the perfect club track. The beat is hardhitting, his cadence and inflections are flawless with a lilting resonance that conjures fifty, sexy things to ones mind. When you listen ‘Way Up’, you’ll understand. Artise is a modern day scribe, a rapid – fire talent like the late great J Dilla or Ninth Wonder. East Palo Alto – Your boy did good.

Listen to ‘Way Up’ by Artise here on YouTube and let us know what you think.

Review By Susan Harriott

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