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Trip Carter releases Fashun prod. Blue Rondo

Artist Trip Carter has released his latest piece ‘Fashun’ mixing that energetic upbeat essence within his R&B and Soul sound.

The beat that flows through this piece, it has this incredibly uplifting sound as each element that is added into it pulses through and tends to take over the vocals with its high energy sound, with the smooth sound of the guitar strings.

With the way the melody goes hand in hand with the mellow tone of the vocals that keep it having this steady flow, keeping the voice at a fairly low pitch but tending to amp up the volume as the instrumentation begins to cut through at a quicker pace.

Having this steady flow that keeps at that same pace, mixing all the elements together and then combining perfectly, hitting the high notes effortlessly and having that infectious melody that plays throughout.

Listen to Trip Carter’s Fashun prod. Blue Rondo by heading on over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Karley Myall

Thought Leaders release Post-Punk single Radiator

Radiator by Thought Leaders

Thought Leaders has dropped their single ‘Radiator’ pulling in that fierce Post-Punk sound, not being afraid to inject it with heaviness and a hardcore instrumentation.

From the get go, it starts off with this eerie sound that goes into the harsh riff on the electric guitar, adding in the powerful thump on the drum, making sure they bring the volume up a lot, showing the listeners just how crazy they can be.

With the raucous vocals, tending to go to that more guttural scream and making sure to hit every high note. This really does bring a more modernised twist to the iconic genre of Post-Punk and this band sure knows how to make a killer piece of music.

Having their own unique sound, giving their take on the genre and adding in a dark and mysterious edge to it, it’s manic and there’s a lot going on, but that’s why every element that has been poured into it works so well.

Check out Thought Leaders single Radiator by heading over to bandcamp now.

Review by Karley Myall

Tremantis releases their latest anthology Hey Me

Quartet Tremantis have released their recent five-track collection ‘Hey Me’, infusing the sound of Punk to escape into more of a Blues Rock, it will leave you wanting more.

It’s a fact that this band always takes you by surprise with their rather diverse choice of genres, from the loud, electrifying style to the more uplifting and fun blues, it’s such a peculiar mixture but it works so perfectly.

Starting off with a bit more chaotic and emphasising the fact that they can sure bring their Rock style to their music, with the thunderous drum beats and the electric guitar riffs lighting up the instrumentation, as well as the raucous vocals. Then you have the more high energy, funky beat, and the soft vocals, showing that diversity and how insane it can sound.

This band is definitely one to check out, it’s great to see a group that isn’t afraid to mix it up and they are what this year needs.

Listen to Tremantis EP Hey Me by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Karley Myall

‘Way Up’ by Artise: CA is chanting ‘Hercules, Hercules, Hercules….’

Up and coming artist, Terrance Johnson aka “Artise” releases, ‘Way Up’ and it is every bit a representation of the dexterous rappers on the East Palo Alto, CA scene.

‘Way Up’ is heavily laden with that decadent, hard-earned heritage. That said, Artise’s privileged musical legacy serves as a springboard to his own style and lyrics, riddled with stories from the street, and not deprived of raw, grimy appeal.

This is the perfect club track. The beat is hardhitting, his cadence and inflections are flawless with a lilting resonance that conjures fifty, sexy things to ones mind. When you listen ‘Way Up’, you’ll understand. Artise is a modern day scribe, a rapid – fire talent like the late great J Dilla or Ninth Wonder. East Palo Alto – Your boy did good.

Listen to ‘Way Up’ by Artise here on YouTube and let us know what you think.

Review By Susan Harriott

A&R Factory Presents: Stevie Talks

Stevie Talks resides in Costa Mesa, CA. Six months ago, he was offered an opportunity to play guitar full-time alongside his friends in Atlas Genius, but instead decided to buckle down and pursue his personal project, Stevie Talks. During this time he crafted pop songs with a nostalgic singer/songwriter feel, while showcasing a undeniable talent for chord work and melody. He has had the opportunity to work alongside members of Young the Giant, Sir Sly, and Mating Ritual in the studio to contribute to a collection of his recordings.

His big personality is seen in these recordings and live performances, and brings life to a collection of songs that are as timeless as they are fresh. A lover of Americana, his recordings have blended the vintage warmth often associated with this genre to the crisp punch of contemporary pop, replete with the infectious charms of the pop genre. He has professional experience as a touring guitar player, having had the opportunity to play on several international tours with recording artists on Universal Republic, and Warner Records, but has remained sedentary until his music is released in the forthcoming months.