Wyatt Roberts – Save Me: Prodigally Sonorous Acoustic Hip Hop

Wyatt Roberts single “Save Me” is absolutely brutal. Now that may seem like a strange way to depict a pensive down-tempo acoustic Hip Hop track. Yet, the weight behind the lyricism and the melancholia of the expressive vocals are enough to leave you feeling bruised.

Whilst a lot of contemporary artists are going down the avenue of using excessive amounts of reverb, it’s clear that Wyatt has little use for digital enhancement with his soulfully natural approach. The levels of vocal harmony mix with the sonorous melodies in Save Me which won’t fail to leave you hooked in the progression of the track.

Save Me is just one of the stellar tracks from Wyatt Roberts 2018 album “Act 1”. Each one of the tracks from the singer, songwriter, producer and engineer will make you fall a little harder for Wyatt’s prodigally fresh style.

You can check out Wyatt Roberts latest single Save Me by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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