Wanting so much more: Upper Reality is soulfully advanced on ‘You Don’t Trust Me’ (ft. Mother Wata)

Taken off her latest six-track EP called ‘Body Hi’, Upper Reality (ft. Mother Wata) returns to make us reflect about love with a stunning new single, that will have you gazing outside the window on ‘You Don’t Trust Me‘.

Upper Reality is an enchanting electro-soul producer, singer and multi-instrumentalist from Dallas, Texas, who now resides in sunny Los Angeles, California. She makes that sensually awakening type of engrossing music that makes your body shiver with electric energy and you know you have just listened to a special talent.

We are breezed into a true story about how some people just don’t trust you, even if you are so close and mentally intimate with them. The years of mistrust have broken down their soul and no matter how much you try and replenish their spirit with your plentiful energy, all you are doing is sapping your own glorious glow and ultimately wasting your time- as they are beyond broken. For a short time however when you are together, everything is good but long-term, this just won’t work.

With a skillful execution of her dazzling production techniques and smooth samples, that you makes you move your whole body and truly appreciate her captivating style, this is a track to embrace as it hits home with so much truth. Relationships are so complex sometimes and it can be frustrating to say the least.

You can feel her neo-soul influences and mixed with some house-jazz from her time in Cape Town, South Africa, plus her current LA-fusion, this is a truly original artist that blends all her travels and love for classic genres, into one big pot of glorious goodness.

You Don’t Trust Me‘ from LA’s indie-electro/soul creative Upper Reality (ft. Mother Wata), is a supremely gifted track with so much tender care taken, lovingly illuminate our inner senses. Her sensually classy vocals are a breath of fresh air, as you close your tired eyes and wonder how she sounds live and in you face.

The summer breeze is so sweet when things are going well but in the end, true trust is the main core element to any relationship that is going to help you grow and blossom into that pureness that eventually fulfills every part of you mind, body and soul.

Hear this wonderfully deep single on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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