The Junior League – I Only Want to Begin Again: A Punchy Pop Approach to Indie Rock

Eventually Is Now by The Junior League

New Orleans based Rock collective The Junior League released their latest album Eventually Is Nowin early 2018. I fell in love with the conceptual revivalist soundscapes contained in each track from the album, but it was their single I Only Want to Begin Again which really caught my attention. As a massive Beatles fan I was never not going to appreciate The Junior Leagues punchy rhythms and electric melodies as they pumped out their high-vibe charisma through angular guitar and eccentric vocal. When the energy and passion behind a track is that palpable it’s impossible to find a flaw within the texture of the sound. Whilst their style may be tinged by their New Orleans roots there’s no disputing that their style is one that could be so easily adored. Also, the fact that such a sound was orchestrated by a two-man band is a little bit astounding.

If you’re a fan of guitar driven polished Pop Rock you can check out The Junior League’s latest single I Only Want to Begin Again on BandCamp where you can stream and download album Eventually Is Now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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