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Get Me Outta Here: NYC’s Ceb pretends that the ex doesn’t exist on ‘Makes Sense’

As she appears so crushingly heartbroken but tries to get over a past relationship rather hastily, Ceb puts on that expensive dress and dances until she feels like herself again on ‘Makes Sense‘.

Ceb aka Caroline Baniewicz is a Dallas, Texas-born, New York City-based indie-pop singer-songwriter who makes that honest music about love, life and finding your destined path in this overly-confusing world.

Ceb puts all her emotions into her music so her loved ones will be able to tolerate being around her. She is a bedroom artist, recording music with her keyboard and MacBook Air, despite the noise of NYC outside her window.” ~ Ceb

With her lovable style and sumptuous vocals simmering breathlessly into the window by your bedside, Ceb displays so much maturity in deciding that she is in charge of her own destiny. She sings with a real authentic personality and saturates each note with understandable emotion – to give the world a real sense of where is headed – in this unfortunate quick-swipe and recently-altered time warp that needs to be changed back to that old school romance.

Makes Sense‘ from the Dallas, Texas-born, New York City-based indie-pop singer-songwriter and multi-creative Ceb, is that all-too-familiar story of feeling so low but trying to rise up. After feeling so disappointed, the drinks sink in and you start to feel that you are actually so much better single as that person in the past was obviously completely wrong for you. Moving on despite the empty feeling inside your stomach is the way this courageous woman is headed and rightly so. Life is about being happy after all.

Lather your ears on Spotify and find out more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Love Is Crazy: Reece shows us how amazing this journey can be on ‘Nothing About Loving You’

As he found his voice after keeping quiet for so long, Reece sings from the heart after this rough year and trusts this feeling he has all over his gushing body with ‘Nothing About Loving You‘.

Reece is a recently-inspired Dallas, Texas-based indie RnB/Soul artist who has taken to music to fully express himself in this troubled world that can take your voice away.

A man can only portray what is in his heart. The moment he recognizes life is a canvas is the moment he can truly translate emotion into art.” ~ Reece 

As his smoothly romantic vocals swirl invitingly across the awaiting room, there is so much to like about an artist who is in his artistic prime. He performs with so much affection towards his lover and the intense lyrics grab your emotions, in a spectacular track that has so much elegance glowing from its hinges to attract us inside.

Nothing About Loving You‘ from the Dallas, Texas-based indie RnB/Soul artist Reece, shows us into a world full of kisses that he wholeheartedly desires and needs. Sung with a supremely passionate outlook and a heartfelt hope that his lover is on the same page as him, this is that -love-is-crazy-but-we-need-it anthem that so many of us can relate to. Sometimes you feel that you are wasting your time and in other moments, you just know that this is what you want. Love makes the world go around after all.

Hear this fantastic single on Soundcloud and see more via his IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Don’t Care: Dallas punk band Die Strömms kick down the speakers with the honest ‘Makes Them Money’

Taken off their new thirteen-track album named ‘Vinum, Et Domina Canticum‘, Die Strömms are at their unique best with their new single that tells the true story about how some people only care about their bank accounts on ‘Makes Them Money‘.

Die Strömms is that Dallas, Texas-based Southern Celtic Cow Punk band you need in your life. They make a sterling blend of powerfully developed music with soul, which is full of creative juices that gets you in the mood, to happily shake your body around in recklessly innocent abandon.

Die Strömms is band that has a unique blend of folk punk rock with acoustic and electric instrumentation.” ~ Die Strömms

As the gritty vocals gust through into your awaiting ears with so much intrigue and value – you sense the wholehearted integrity shining into the light – with a quality band who bravely leave it all on the line, with an absorbing soundtrack to warm our healing hearts with welcoming hope.

Makes Them Money‘ from the highly unique Texas southern-rock/punk/folk act Die Strömms, is the true story about how many greedy rich folks will do whatever it takes to add that precious paper to their bank cards. Without much forward thinking to the future and what their actions are doing, they actually make it harder for those honest folks who are just trying to make ends meet.

On a likable beat with so much punchy engagement – you instantly feel this fresh air flow of a single – stream though fantastically, as a terrific effort with so much satisfying vigor.

Hear their new single on Spotify and see more news on their IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Feel Like A Prisoner: Raging Dallas metal act RadioKing are trapped and need to ‘Turn Away’

Taken heavily off their brand new foot-stomping fourteen-track album called ‘Redemption‘, RadioKing are totally honest about these wild times that has them breaking away from where they want to be on ‘Turn Away‘.

RadioKing is a furiously intense five-piece Dallas, Texas-based indie rock/metal band. They make the kind of music shudder that has your whole room shaking rather rapidly – as they break down the frangible windows – with a high octane performance on each of their strapping tracks.

Lifelong friends Jimmy Adcock (guitar), Mark Stroface (guitar), John Cruz (bass), and Scott Crawford (drums) formed RadioKing and through numerous auditions found Alex Collins (vocals) to complete the group.” ~ RadioKing

This is the robust story about feeling locked inside and how it has mightily messed with your over-thinking mind, that was so clear and precise before. A relatable feeling indeed, from a time in the world that we would rather all forget.

With forceful vocals and a powerfully struck band performance, this is such a menacing track that will certainly awaken your drowsy senses if they were sleepy before.

Turn Away‘ from the Texas five-piece indie rock/metal act RadioKing, shows us a gripping display of mental fortitude from an electric band, who put everything on the line. Sometimes you just know you need to be doing something different, but feel compelled to go down the road you know is filled with undesirable detours anyway.

Stream this new single on Spotify and learn more on the Facebook music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

One Night: Raw Dallas rapper Corta knows what he wants on ‘Ten Toes Down’ (feat. Zay)

Released from his exciting thirteen-track album studiously named ‘Freshman Year‘, Corta is all about the fun times with a girl who he knows won’t be around for too long with ‘Ten Toes Down(feat. Zay).

Alex aka Corta, is a vibrant Dallas, Texas-born indie rapper. He is a raw and underground artist who is young and full of exuberance, as he makes a promising debut into the music world and possesses some sharp flows.

His bars slam down hard as he opens up the sweaty curtains to see the story closer, as he tells her exactly how he feels and doesn’t hold back at all. He is just keen for a short time – as long-term – he sees himself with someone else who truly gets where he is actually headed in life.

Ten Toes Down(feat. Zay) from the motivated Dallas, Texas-born indie rapper Corta, is a vivid story about being with someone who you like being with physically, but can’t see yourself with for long as your mindsets are way different currently. This is that fun party track to play very late at night – when the drinks have been consumed heavily – and all you want is to be with someone who is up for some exotic adventures.

Hear this fine new track on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Never Sleep: Texas emcee Raheem Jamaal brushes off the haters and reaches for the top shelf on ‘Grindin Hard’

With the right mentality entrenched into his mindset to truly succeed and find that elusive long-term success, Raheem Jamaal returns to our speakers with his new single that will have you evaluating your effort levels on ‘Grindin Hard‘.

Raheem Skinner aka Raheem Jamaal is a street-wise Dallas, Texas-based indie hip-hop artist. He makes that old school feel-conscious music — that is about real life situations and far away from that fake car, money and girls type of vibe —  that has been done way too many times and tastes like sour milk.

This is the relevant story about evolving always and never holding back, no matter what. The wise self-awareness needed to avoid hanging out with fools, as that is unwise no matter how much it hurts to turn away from former friends.

You feel his passion to be better than before and his smartly penned rhymes has you feeling positive about what is actually possible, away from the doom and gloom that stacks up the easily puppeteer-moved news cycle.

Grindin Hard‘ from the truly conscious and uplifting Dallas, Texas-based hip-hop artist Raheem Jamaal, shows us a hard working visionary who puts the hours in, day by day. He feels like he is so close fulfilling those burning desires and dreams, which has him waking up quickly like a hungry cat each day. The new mindset is putting him in a happy place, with quality bars locked in too, that has you mightily impressed with this supremely skilled emcee.

Stream this top single on Soundcloud and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Stand for something: MDG4EVA sparks the passion inside your soul with ‘Shiny Man’ (Ft. J. Harvey)

Bringing the heat with a catchy track to beat the blues, MDG4EVA is back with the smoothly ear-blessing ‘Shiny Man‘ (Ft. J. Harvey).

Marcus Gilmore aka MDG4EVA, is an American producer, engineer and musician from Dallas in Texas, who illuminates positive energy through his music, to inspire and teach us that you can do anything you set your mind to.

This is the soulfully enhanced story about not selling your soul to get to where you need to go in life. You will meet some fake people from time to time who want you to lose, but if you stay strong and brush that off, you can really shine so bright if you want it enough.

Their raps are flamboyant and stunningly energetic, the magnetically positive nature illuminates up your speakers as you are filled with a new sense of purpose, on this wonderful hip-hop track that has that special conscious feel attached.

Shiny Man‘ (Ft. J. Harvey) from Texas emcee MDG4EVA, gives you hope during this dark time to follow you plan with real humans and to not deviate due to current fads of undesirables, who put you off your rhythm due to their own selfish plans.

Life is all about being happy and creatively stimulating after all.

Stream this top track on Spotify and follow his IG to hear more releases.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Wanting so much more: Upper Reality is soulfully advanced on ‘You Don’t Trust Me’ (ft. Mother Wata)

Taken off her latest six-track EP called ‘Body Hi’, Upper Reality (ft. Mother Wata) returns to make us reflect about love with a stunning new single, that will have you gazing outside the window on ‘You Don’t Trust Me‘.

Upper Reality is an enchanting electro-soul producer, singer and multi-instrumentalist from Dallas, Texas, who now resides in sunny Los Angeles, California. She makes that sensually awakening type of engrossing music that makes your body shiver with electric energy and you know you have just listened to a special talent.

We are breezed into a true story about how some people just don’t trust you, even if you are so close and mentally intimate with them. The years of mistrust have broken down their soul and no matter how much you try and replenish their spirit with your plentiful energy, all you are doing is sapping your own glorious glow and ultimately wasting your time- as they are beyond broken. For a short time however when you are together, everything is good but long-term, this just won’t work.

With a skillful execution of her dazzling production techniques and smooth samples, that you makes you move your whole body and truly appreciate her captivating style, this is a track to embrace as it hits home with so much truth. Relationships are so complex sometimes and it can be frustrating to say the least.

You can feel her neo-soul influences and mixed with some house-jazz from her time in Cape Town, South Africa, plus her current LA-fusion, this is a truly original artist that blends all her travels and love for classic genres, into one big pot of glorious goodness.

You Don’t Trust Me‘ from LA’s indie-electro/soul creative Upper Reality (ft. Mother Wata), is a supremely gifted track with so much tender care taken, lovingly illuminate our inner senses. Her sensually classy vocals are a breath of fresh air, as you close your tired eyes and wonder how she sounds live and in you face.

The summer breeze is so sweet when things are going well but in the end, true trust is the main core element to any relationship that is going to help you grow and blossom into that pureness that eventually fulfills every part of you mind, body and soul.

Hear this wonderfully deep single on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Getting that fresh perspective: ImaniCarolyn jumps in the jeep on ‘Outside’ and sings with such genuine love

ImaniCarolyn has been inside for too long and sings about venturing ‘Outside‘ with her friends via her heartbroken new single, that will have you thinking so deeply.

Dallas, Texas R&B/Soul singer-songwriter/guitarist/producer Savannah Rowe aka ImaniCarolyn, is a truly sweet and tender young woman who is a stunning musician that sings with such love and perspective.

The song starts off with an atmospheric guitar style that instantly puts you in a mood to sway your head and take a moment to close your eyes and breathe. We are then introduced to a soulful singer with such a crystal clear voice that projects an artist finding herself in this crazy world, full of distractions and being stuck inside with most schools, shops and offices bolted shut. She shows us inside her magnificent mind that has been overthinking and trying to work out what went wrong-instead of what is going right.

Outside‘ from Texas R&B/Soul musician ImaniCarolyn is such a real song, full of lyrics that put you right into the picture of what is happening in the world as we speak. Her supreme talent is endless and if she can somehow find her way out of her head and stay focused on her music- she can achieve and be anything she wants to be.

Life can be wild sometimes but if you believe in yourself enough and know where you want to go, the journey getting there is a fun ride as you smile and wave at the doubters. Being outside with good friends is important too, as breathing in that fresh air and clearing your mind for the negativity, can only help you fly high and be at one with the world.

Hear this incredible single on Spotify and see her eye-catching style on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Feeling fresh and ready: Amazayus is in the zone on ‘Austin Powers’ (Prod. Paryo)

Dallas, Texas artist Amazayus is back with his signature Alt-Rap style on his latest smooth single called ‘Austin Powers’ (Prod. Paryo).

The atmospheric air filters in fresh like a new humidifier that cleans the dust off the speakers and we are thrown into the story of a hungry man who wants to reach the top of his chosen career. His flow morphs quickly into reminding you of the new school feel of artists that can sing and rap at the same time.

The beat flourishes through like a shiny sports car and you can’t stop tapping your feet and wondering how this all sounds live at a massive festival. The driving energy is relentless and the vocals keeps you hooked like a hungry fisherman the whole way through this stylish journey.

This is about feeling in the zone and like the legendary ladies man with the proper English accent. You feel like you can speak to anyone and do anything you set your mind to. People you used to look up to are checking out your moves and right now you have the backing of the tight crew who have your back no matter what.

Austin Powers’ (Prod. Paryo) from Texas rapper Amazayus is a track to put on loud while you are cruising with that 420 blaze swag. This is the transporter-type feel when you imagine yourself in the 70’s and how those times must have been much simpler. This is a spark-filled track with lots to like and this is a trip that will motivate you to go for your goals and dress super fly while you dominate too.

Hear this via Spotify and find out more about this fast-rising artist via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen