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Don’t Be Mad: Texas-based hip hop artist Hafto urges us to be way of those devil trick on timeless classic comeback track The Soul Pt.1

With a magnificent vocal intro which will surely warm our inner soul, Hafto shows us where satan’s wings fly and educates us so that we can steer well clear on the truly extraordinary The Soul Pt.1.

Hafto is a Dallas, Texas-based indie hip hop artist, multi-instrumentalist and renowned street poet who is a creative soul who makes those unmistakable gems.

Skillfully establishing to us (via a barrage of ear-tingling vocals) all how to avoid those false narratives and big-headed fake heros which can only harm our hearts with their greed and games, Hafto is that cleanse from evil deeds which might shred all self-dignity away and open up the taps of despair.

The Soul Pt.1 from Dallas, Texas-based indie hip hop artist Hafto is a vocally mysterious single which shrewdly has us turning the volume up to maximum to decipher each carefully scribbled word. There is so much quality substance bolted inside this absolutely mesmerisingly ear-healer. This is one of the best track of 2022 without doubt.

Real hip hop lives on through the underground.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Bills Stack So High: Madukwu sees that angel in disguise on the excellent Heaven Knows

With vital help from his management team, Miss Glo Vader, Madukwu, returns to our consciousness again with a genuinely top-notch release you will find hard to ignore called Heaven Knows.

Madukwu aka Madukwu Chinwah is a multi-Grammy-award winning Dallas, Texas-based indie hip hop artist, multi-instrumentalist, and prolific music producer who is probably best known for introducing neo-soul to the world.

Released from his latest 12-track album called Royal, the legendary Madukwu is in pulsatingly imperious form, with a glowing gem for the youth to learn from.

With a supremely skilled storyteller’s pen in action, a precise production to match, and an ear-warming voice that will cause many hearts to flutter like a happy bird seeking a comfortable next, you may find yourself turning up the volume here.

Heaven Knows from the exceptionally world-class Dallas, Texas-based indie hip hop artist Madukwu is an inspiring story that shows us how one chance can change everything, if two hearts may join as one. Sung with expert poise and vocally advanced melodies that many try to copy but can’t, this is a brilliant release from a real legend in the game.

Even if you have had countless heartbreaks, the courage to find the one must be in your soul in order to be romantically happy each time you close your eyes at night.

Hear this phenomenal new single on Spotify and see more news on his impressive IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Rubx wonders where he went wrong on the emotional break-up soundtrack, ‘Negligent’

With the sequel to his debut single from 2021 called ‘Sorry‘, Rubx wishes he could know what went awry as he felt that sad coldness that has his heart entrenched in the miserable snow on, ‘Negligent‘.

Rubx is a Waco, Texas-based indie Hip hop artist and photographer who is currently dealing with his demons and shows us how the journey is transpiring.

Rubx is an enigma. The perplexity of his lyricism tells a story of battling mental health – while also learning who he is himself.” ~ Rubx

Sensing that they could have been something special as he daydreams about their reconnection that might be a distant hope, Rubx shows us the frankness that is seeping through his veins on this tear-inducing footpath.

This is a song to heal with – keep that hope for better days alive in your heart with – and truly embrace if you have dealt with the trauma of a past relationship that terminated unexpectedly.

This song is expressing how I felt about a breakup that ended without closure. It’s fair to say, I couldn’t find the words to express how I was feeling and that’s why it took a year and a half to finish writing it.” ~ Rubx

Negligent‘ from Waco, Texas-based indie Hip hop artist Rubx is a reminder that life isn’t fair sometimes. With a deep story that could have your mind spinning – if you have ever been thrown into a romantic washing machine that can knock you down – this is an accurate description of a moment that could scar your soul forever. Rapped with a genuine look inside a room that many wish to avoid if they only have a selfish attitude, this is a heart-shaking track which will have you looking around to see where you went wrong.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Texas-based music producer and rapper Louie Sace only practice what he preaches on ‘Get It How You Want It’

Flexing his bulletproof flow that rolls in with a fresh style that is perfect for that ride late at night, Louie Sace shows us how he moves in these sordid streets that can strike you down at any second with dangerous shots that will put you six feet under on ‘Get It How You Want It‘.

Louie Sace is an indie Hip hop singer-songwriter and music producer from Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas who constructs a catchy blend of music that has your head nodding all night.

Featuring lots of weapon-loaded lyrics from someone who is keenly aware of protecting himself from the haters out there, Louie Sace sends us a reminder that you can indeed do anything in life and all our journeys are different. There is a hardened edge here that is sharp and full of a laser-focus direction – that lets you know that he is not messing around in childish games – as so many fall into.

Get It How You Want It‘ from the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas-based indie Hip hop artist Louie Sace, is a street-filled track that has your mentality alive with the lessons learnt from living in this wild world. There is a savvy nature here from an artist who knows what he needs to do, in order to stay alive and to thrive mightily with a rapid-fire delivery that gets your speakers in the mood to achieve those dreams.

Check out this new single on Spotify and see his style on the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Cuban Rain shows us into the story of those tempting ‘Bad Things’

Lifting the lit on what really goes down when the lights are finally dim and the velvet curtains are closed shut from prying eyes, Cuban Rain makes his partner go soprano on his latest single all about being with someone who understands the pressures of this overly stressful life with ‘Bad Things‘.

Cuban Rain is a well-established Dallas, Texas-based indie hip-hop artist, filmmaker, and music producer who makes the type of music that has you cruising in your car with that head bouncing.

It’s not about the money or the fame: it’s about the art first.” ~ Cuban Rain

Navigating us into the note-filled story that shocks some and excites many, Cuban Rain tells it straight up about what happens when you need to take the edge off in this sordid reality that can bite your hand off if you play with wild dogs for too long.

Bad Things‘ from Dallas, Texas-based hip-hop artist and music producer Cuban Rain, is an introspective track that shows us the honesty needed to reflect on the things that you know you shouldn’t do but do anyway. With the flashing lights crashing over you when you just want some peace, the disloyalty at every turn, and the long days that can take a toll on even the strongest soul, this is a release we all need to hear. As long as you have someone close there that can keep you in check and let you know when you are about to fall – or pick you up when you do – this is a life lesson that needs to be heard far and wide.

Hear this audio on YouTube and see more of the story on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Texas singer-songwriter Chey wonders why the kisses are in ‘Limbo’

As the smokey ash falls from the air when the time to be alive is almost over, Chey finds beauty with her angel who is saving her from all the madness but wonders why they are romantically still stuck in that spacey-souled cold ‘Limbo‘.

Chey is an emerging young Texas, USA-based indie singer-songwriter who commenced her music voyage after college and has bravely used this life-changing art form to help her mental health in this complex world.

I wrote this song in a hotel room, flew to Dallas for 24 hours to record it in the studio, and finished cutting vocals in my closet.” ~ Chey

With a vocal atmosphere that surely reminds you of early Lana Del Rey, Chey is at her tragic romance best with a vocal experience that might send shivers down your spine and possibly induce small tears down your cheek. Her exceptional honesty transforms your mood so quickly, as her story has you in a flashback kind of mindset that fills your mind as you remember a past love that just faded away unexpectedly.

Being an avid storyteller, Chey’s lyricism is inspired by film and literature and is greatly influenced by her real-life experiences, allowing her to personalize her art while still having it resonate with others.” ~ Chey

Limbo‘ from the Texas, USA-based indie singer-songwriter Chey, shows us a vividly described love story that is cinematic to its core and ultimately so striking on your heart as we are thrown into a picture that has you thinking so deeply. You love your partner so much but feel like you are stuck in a world that feels numb, as you wonder if that heart-beating feeling will return. Sung with true compassion, this is a really promising effort from an artist who only seems to get better and better.

Hear this outstanding new single on Spotify and see more via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

You Flawless: Glancy Kelly finds the time to be alone with his crush on the steamy ‘Like That’ (feat. Brian Angel)

Taken off his latest 7-track album called ‘C’est La Vie‘, Glancy Kelly shows his lover that this night is going to be the best yet with the RnB body-mover ‘Like That(feat. Brian Angel).

Glancy Kelly is a Dallas, Texas-based RnB artist who sings with smoothly tinted electricity that seems to spark your whole body into action.

Featuring the vocals of Houston, Texas native Brian Angel who was previously in the Sean “Diddy” Combs-created band Day26, this is a sexy song that will certainly raise the temperature no matter the weather.

Glancy Kelly sends our souls into a kiss-induced spin with another hot hit, that has you edging closer to your romantic partner as you let your eyes guide the next move. There is a heart-beating buildup here that has you feeling like you are in a movie, as we are thrust into a lip-locking single that all fans of this genre should definitely enjoy.

Like That(feat. Brian Angel) from Dallas, Texas-based RnB solo singer-songwriter Glancy Kelly is the kind of track that has you locating the candles and making it special for your lover. The story is honest and straight up, with two musicians on the top of their game who certainly sing with that vocal ability that makes the ladies swoon in delight.

If you are looking for a sensual song where you can play loud and do the talking for you then this is exactly what you require.

See this new romantic video on YouTube and find out more on the IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Spirit Of Christmas: The Bilge Pumps elevates our mood for this special time of year on ‘Trimmin’ in the Riggin’

Taken off their ‘A Pirate’s Christmas Wish (Deluxe Edition)’, The Bilge Pumps spring our smiles away from the sadness as we get into the spirit of this special holiday with ‘Trimmin’ in the Riggin‘.

The Bilge Pumps is a cheerful Dallas, USA-based indie-folk band who make the kind of music that is rather nostalgically pleasurable and undoubtedly gets you into a happy place again.

We specialize in performances that combine sea songs, shanties, and Celtic music with a huge dose of silly comedy.” ~ The Bilge Pumps

With pleasant vocals and a pirate video that has you in a better state of mind than before, Bilge Pumps shows us how the holidays are supposed to be spent. As they decorate their proud ship to show the locals how it’s done, you feel a warm sense of family here that is such a joyful experience.

Trimmin’ in the Riggin‘ from the engaging Dallas, Texas-based indie-folk act The Bilge Pumps is a Christmas song to feel so reinvigorated by as they take us to a really happy place most of us have forgotten. With all the doom and gloom merchants around lately, this is an enchanting song to put your stocking up to, as you hope that you aren’t on the naughty list this year.

See this festive video on YouTube and see more on the FB music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Get Me Outta Here: NYC’s Ceb pretends that the ex doesn’t exist on ‘Makes Sense’

As she appears so crushingly heartbroken but tries to get over a past relationship rather hastily, Ceb puts on that expensive dress and dances until she feels like herself again on ‘Makes Sense‘.

Ceb aka Caroline Baniewicz is a Dallas, Texas-born, New York City-based indie-pop singer-songwriter who makes that honest music about love, life and finding your destined path in this overly-confusing world.

Ceb puts all her emotions into her music so her loved ones will be able to tolerate being around her. She is a bedroom artist, recording music with her keyboard and MacBook Air, despite the noise of NYC outside her window.” ~ Ceb

With her lovable style and sumptuous vocals simmering breathlessly into the window by your bedside, Ceb displays so much maturity in deciding that she is in charge of her own destiny. She sings with a real authentic personality and saturates each note with understandable emotion – to give the world a real sense of where is headed – in this unfortunate quick-swipe and recently-altered time warp that needs to be changed back to that old school romance.

Makes Sense‘ from the Dallas, Texas-born, New York City-based indie-pop singer-songwriter and multi-creative Ceb, is that all-too-familiar story of feeling so low but trying to rise up. After feeling so disappointed, the drinks sink in and you start to feel that you are actually so much better single as that person in the past was obviously completely wrong for you. Moving on despite the empty feeling inside your stomach is the way this courageous woman is headed and rightly so. Life is about being happy after all.

Lather your ears on Spotify and find out more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Love Is Crazy: Reece shows us how amazing this journey can be on ‘Nothing About Loving You’

As he found his voice after keeping quiet for so long, Reece sings from the heart after this rough year and trusts this feeling he has all over his gushing body with ‘Nothing About Loving You‘.

Reece is a recently-inspired Dallas, Texas-based indie RnB/Soul artist who has taken to music to fully express himself in this troubled world that can take your voice away.

A man can only portray what is in his heart. The moment he recognizes life is a canvas is the moment he can truly translate emotion into art.” ~ Reece 

As his smoothly romantic vocals swirl invitingly across the awaiting room, there is so much to like about an artist who is in his artistic prime. He performs with so much affection towards his lover and the intense lyrics grab your emotions, in a spectacular track that has so much elegance glowing from its hinges to attract us inside.

Nothing About Loving You‘ from the Dallas, Texas-based indie RnB/Soul artist Reece, shows us into a world full of kisses that he wholeheartedly desires and needs. Sung with a supremely passionate outlook and a heartfelt hope that his lover is on the same page as him, this is that -love-is-crazy-but-we-need-it anthem that so many of us can relate to. Sometimes you feel that you are wasting your time and in other moments, you just know that this is what you want. Love makes the world go around after all.

Hear this fantastic single on Soundcloud and see more via his IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen