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Started Out With Nothing: John Anthony has seen the loyalty break on Hustlin’

Staying hungry and letting everyone know that he has already seen the sneaky snakes before they saw themselves, John Anthony drops a soldier grind kind of track that shall boom through the speakers just like street tracks should on Hustlin‘.

John Anthony is a Dallas, Pennsylvania-based indie rapper and music producer who is the founder of hip hop label Villainous Records.

Feeling good and not taking his foot off the gas, John Anthony is in a confident mood and will shake off all the doubters with a potent performance to magnify the pulses of those in the know. This is raw rap with a purpose. Turn him up.

Hustlin‘ from the multi-skilled Dallas, Pennsylvania record executive and artist John Anthony is the definition of the American dream.

After starting with nothing and now seeing the rewards of his hard work, this is a statement single to brush away all the haters. Those who he was close with. Those who turned their back on him. That’s the message here. He’s driving to a whole new level and only taking those with him who have his back when the chips are down.

Real see real.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Up in Flames Again: Supah Sayin doesn’t see the future on 01:12 AM in Tejas

After disregarding the disbelievers and making it rain on Double Dutch, Supah Sayin sees the world going crazy and packed with vicious wildfires ousting the hope of so many on the explosive new single, 01:12 AM in Tejas.

Supah Sayin is a 25-year-old Dallas/Fort Worth-based indie psychedelic hip-hop artist who is one of those creative wizards who drops elevating tracks and flips moods with his conscious message.

Influenced greatly by the psychedelic age of rock and his idol Jim Morrison, Supah Sayin created a unique, first-of-its-kind genre: psychedelic rap.” ~ Supah Sayin

Taken off the excellent Neo-Lizard King and hoping for sense and order to be restored and solutions to be found, Supah Sayin has torched the souls of so many with an enlightening song to open the lost eyes amongst the suffocating winds of modern times. There are sublime laser-sharp lyrics about the financial crisis and the immense upheaval of the planet, caused by the so-called leaders who have drenched pollution over innocent humans.

01:12 AM in Tejas from Dallas/Fort Worth-based indie psychedelic hip-hop artist Supah Sayin is a fighter-for-the-people single we all needed to hear. Avoiding the fake game and slicing the truth so calmly that millions can consume it without an upset stomach.

Keeping things in perspective and never holding back, we are treated to a look behind the masses, with a superbly honest single which deserves so much love and respect.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Interview: Austin Seltzer shows us his consummate class and clear vision

Sitting down us with and sipping on a cuppa coffee, Austin Seltzer tells us more about his LA state of mind and all those achievable expectations. Mixing it up and showing love for those who have helped him along the journey, we find a self-aware soul who believes in the power of AI.

Q. We appreciate your time. Please let us know where you’re based today and what is your favorite meal in the whole world.

A. Thanks for having me! I am based out of Los Angeles, CA, and I honestly have to say that my favorite meal in the world is the one I haven’t had yet. I feel like I really live my life in a way that always seeks something better or more enjoyable, especially in food and coffee. I want to be on a lifelong adventure to find new things that interest me. That said, I am a massive sucker for buffalo wings (Ye Rustic Inn) and an unmatched bowl of ramen (any of the Tsujita spots).

Q. You seem to have such a genuine connection with so many incredible artists. Please tell us more about who you enjoy working with and the vision for the music you mix.

A. One of my favorite things in life is connecting with people on a much deeper level. I like to have artists and creatives over to the studio to have a coffee and chat about life, their inspirations, aspirations, and everything in between. I feel like the people I can connect with at this level are the ones I end up doing the best work for, and we tend to continue to work with each other. Art is all about vulnerability. If we can be vulnerable in a conversation, I know that we will also be able to be vulnerable while working on art together. I believe this is why I genuinely connect with the artists I work with.

I have a very clear vision for the music I mix. I go into the process with the idea that I will let the music tell me exactly what it wants to be on the first listen-through, and then I spend the rest of my time on the mix trying to reach that goal. I don’t generally listen to the reference track more than once. I understand exactly what the track wants to be from that listen-through, and I trust my instincts and the song’s production, story, and rough mix to get me there. My ultimate goal is to have my mix elevate the track to a level where the artist and their team feel like the track is everything they wanted it to be and that the listener continues to come back to listen again and again.

Q. You have an upcoming music business podcast on the way. How did this start, and what are your hopes for the future?

A. I do! The idea for my podcast has been in my mind for years now. As much as I wanted to start it years back, I needed to elevate my mixing platform to a point where it could sustain life and reach the guests I would like to have on. The premise of the podcast is to have prolific guests who have reached a level of success in the music business where they can reflect with me on their past so listeners can get a glimpse into their psyche, mindset, some of the pitfalls and wins they have had along the way, and other informative insights into what it takes to be successful in the music business.

My hope for this podcast’s future is to release weekly episodes while continuing to elevate the production quality, questions, and listener base to allow me to bring on more prominent guests while maintaining my primary career and passion – mixing incredible music.

Q. When did you first know if you wanted to be a mixing and mastering engineer?

A. I first knew I wanted to be a mixing engineer while writing and producing music with my buddy Jason Smith back in Dallas, TX. Even though I was in the band in middle and high school, I never learned to properly play an instrument that could play chords. I played the Bassoon, a wildly cool sounding instrument, but one that could only play a single note. While producing music with Jason, I realized quickly that my strengths weren’t in the actual writing of music but more in understanding the sonics and how sound could fit together to make a complete picture, or in this case, a well-produced and great-sounding song. I would study mixing techniques daily from as many internet places as possible. It wasn’t easy to find great information when I was learning. YouTube was entirely just misinformation or about learning to mix using analog hardware, which I didn’t have access to at the time. It was much more about trial and error.

Q. How would you describe your sound to someone who has never heard a song you’ve mixed?

A. Cinematic and energetic. I have a knack for making the music I mix sound larger than life. When I say cinematic, that’s what I mean. I can make the music feel like it wraps around you and is more 3D than the demo. While some may say that is the point of mixing, what I am describing is more than just elevating a track – It’s part of my secret sauce. It might come from my immense love of video games and their ability to immerse you in a world. I also think it has to do with years of creating music for this world called Azurelah with Jason Smith – a world in which we were telling a story through music and concept art. I always aim to captivate the listener in an immersive way – no Atmos required.

Q. Finally, what hopes do you have for the future of humanity?

A. I think, at this point, it goes without being said that Artificial Intelligence will take most jobs in the next ten years. This week, most tech headlines are about 10,000+ people being laid off from Google, Microsoft, etc. All those job salaries and more money are being put into Artificial Intelligence research and development. I hope we can somehow figure out some form of Universal Basic Income that works to compensate for the displaced jobs that AI will create. Massive corporations will be able to lower their overhead tremendously; simultaneously, they will be able to churn products out faster and more efficiently, doubling down on how many workers are displaced. Since there is no way to stop this from happening, I believe the US government and other countries’ governments must figure out a way of compensating all humans, or else we will have a catastrophic economic meltdown.

Listen up on Spotify. See more on the IG page.

Interview by Llewelyn Screen

In A Basement: Tony Kurtiz knows that a new way is necessary on I Gotta Stay Fly

Above and flying high, Tony Kurtiz feels up his pot as he has realized how to be happy away from the small-minded senseless which can tangle you like a fish in the sea on the fresh new single I Gotta Stay Fly.

Tony Kurtiz is a Dallas, Texas-based indie hip hop artist and music producer who stretches bars like an outlaw and firmly rampages through all speakers.

Living in areas from Desoto, Lancaster to Irving and even Oak Cliff, before moving to Houston at the age of 14. Tony has been a long time producer turned rapper since the age of 12 and even releasing his first album at the age of 17.” ~ Tony Kurtiz

With a dynamic aura and an old school beat which is rather excellent, Tony Kurtiz is quite transcendent on this scintillating track which is a rather elevated listen.

I Gotta Stay Fly from the Dallas, Texas-based indie rapper/music producer Tony Kurtiz in an OG soundtrack for anyone who gets it. Keeping fashionable no matter what the weather or circumstances, we find a top echelon release with so much to savour from a quality creative with sword-like fluidity to marvel at.

Hear this fine single on Spotify. See more on the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Don’t Be Mad: Texas-based hip hop artist Hafto urges us to be way of those devil trick on timeless classic comeback track The Soul Pt.1

With a magnificent vocal intro which will surely warm our inner soul, Hafto shows us where satan’s wings fly and educates us so that we can steer well clear on the truly extraordinary The Soul Pt.1.

Hafto is a Dallas, Texas-based indie hip hop artist, multi-instrumentalist and renowned street poet who is a creative soul who makes those unmistakable gems.

Skillfully establishing to us (via a barrage of ear-tingling vocals) all how to avoid those false narratives and big-headed fake heros which can only harm our hearts with their greed and games, Hafto is that cleanse from evil deeds which might shred all self-dignity away and open up the taps of despair.

The Soul Pt.1 from Dallas, Texas-based indie hip hop artist Hafto is a vocally mysterious single which shrewdly has us turning the volume up to maximum to decipher each carefully scribbled word. There is so much quality substance bolted inside this absolutely mesmerisingly ear-healer. This is one of the best track of 2022 without doubt.

Real hip hop lives on through the underground.

Listen up on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Bills Stack So High: Madukwu sees that angel in disguise on the excellent Heaven Knows

With vital help from his management team, Miss Glo Vader, Madukwu, returns to our consciousness again with a genuinely top-notch release you will find hard to ignore called Heaven Knows.

Madukwu aka Madukwu Chinwah is a multi-Grammy-award winning Dallas, Texas-based indie hip hop artist, multi-instrumentalist, and prolific music producer who is probably best known for introducing neo-soul to the world.

Released from his latest 12-track album called Royal, the legendary Madukwu is in pulsatingly imperious form, with a glowing gem for the youth to learn from.

With a supremely skilled storyteller’s pen in action, a precise production to match, and an ear-warming voice that will cause many hearts to flutter like a happy bird seeking a comfortable next, you may find yourself turning up the volume here.

Heaven Knows from the exceptionally world-class Dallas, Texas-based indie hip hop artist Madukwu is an inspiring story that shows us how one chance can change everything, if two hearts may join as one. Sung with expert poise and vocally advanced melodies that many try to copy but can’t, this is a brilliant release from a real legend in the game.

Even if you have had countless heartbreaks, the courage to find the one must be in your soul in order to be romantically happy each time you close your eyes at night.

Hear this phenomenal new single on Spotify and see more news on his impressive IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Rubx wonders where he went wrong on the emotional break-up soundtrack, ‘Negligent’

With the sequel to his debut single from 2021 called ‘Sorry‘, Rubx wishes he could know what went awry as he felt that sad coldness that has his heart entrenched in the miserable snow on, ‘Negligent‘.

Rubx is a Waco, Texas-based indie Hip hop artist and photographer who is currently dealing with his demons and shows us how the journey is transpiring.

Rubx is an enigma. The perplexity of his lyricism tells a story of battling mental health – while also learning who he is himself.” ~ Rubx

Sensing that they could have been something special as he daydreams about their reconnection that might be a distant hope, Rubx shows us the frankness that is seeping through his veins on this tear-inducing footpath.

This is a song to heal with – keep that hope for better days alive in your heart with – and truly embrace if you have dealt with the trauma of a past relationship that terminated unexpectedly.

This song is expressing how I felt about a breakup that ended without closure. It’s fair to say, I couldn’t find the words to express how I was feeling and that’s why it took a year and a half to finish writing it.” ~ Rubx

Negligent‘ from Waco, Texas-based indie Hip hop artist Rubx is a reminder that life isn’t fair sometimes. With a deep story that could have your mind spinning – if you have ever been thrown into a romantic washing machine that can knock you down – this is an accurate description of a moment that could scar your soul forever. Rapped with a genuine look inside a room that many wish to avoid if they only have a selfish attitude, this is a heart-shaking track which will have you looking around to see where you went wrong.

Hear this new single on Spotify and check out his socials on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Texas-based music producer and rapper Louie Sace only practice what he preaches on ‘Get It How You Want It’

Flexing his bulletproof flow that rolls in with a fresh style that is perfect for that ride late at night, Louie Sace shows us how he moves in these sordid streets that can strike you down at any second with dangerous shots that will put you six feet under on ‘Get It How You Want It‘.

Louie Sace is an indie Hip hop singer-songwriter and music producer from Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas who constructs a catchy blend of music that has your head nodding all night.

Featuring lots of weapon-loaded lyrics from someone who is keenly aware of protecting himself from the haters out there, Louie Sace sends us a reminder that you can indeed do anything in life and all our journeys are different. There is a hardened edge here that is sharp and full of a laser-focus direction – that lets you know that he is not messing around in childish games – as so many fall into.

Get It How You Want It‘ from the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas-based indie Hip hop artist Louie Sace, is a street-filled track that has your mentality alive with the lessons learnt from living in this wild world. There is a savvy nature here from an artist who knows what he needs to do, in order to stay alive and to thrive mightily with a rapid-fire delivery that gets your speakers in the mood to achieve those dreams.

Check out this new single on Spotify and see his style on the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Cuban Rain shows us into the story of those tempting ‘Bad Things’

Lifting the lit on what really goes down when the lights are finally dim and the velvet curtains are closed shut from prying eyes, Cuban Rain makes his partner go soprano on his latest single all about being with someone who understands the pressures of this overly stressful life with ‘Bad Things‘.

Cuban Rain is a well-established Dallas, Texas-based indie hip-hop artist, filmmaker, and music producer who makes the type of music that has you cruising in your car with that head bouncing.

It’s not about the money or the fame: it’s about the art first.” ~ Cuban Rain

Navigating us into the note-filled story that shocks some and excites many, Cuban Rain tells it straight up about what happens when you need to take the edge off in this sordid reality that can bite your hand off if you play with wild dogs for too long.

Bad Things‘ from Dallas, Texas-based hip-hop artist and music producer Cuban Rain, is an introspective track that shows us the honesty needed to reflect on the things that you know you shouldn’t do but do anyway. With the flashing lights crashing over you when you just want some peace, the disloyalty at every turn, and the long days that can take a toll on even the strongest soul, this is a release we all need to hear. As long as you have someone close there that can keep you in check and let you know when you are about to fall – or pick you up when you do – this is a life lesson that needs to be heard far and wide.

Hear this audio on YouTube and see more of the story on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Texas singer-songwriter Chey wonders why the kisses are in ‘Limbo’

As the smokey ash falls from the air when the time to be alive is almost over, Chey finds beauty with her angel who is saving her from all the madness but wonders why they are romantically still stuck in that spacey-souled cold ‘Limbo‘.

Chey is an emerging young Texas, USA-based indie singer-songwriter who commenced her music voyage after college and has bravely used this life-changing art form to help her mental health in this complex world.

I wrote this song in a hotel room, flew to Dallas for 24 hours to record it in the studio, and finished cutting vocals in my closet.” ~ Chey

With a vocal atmosphere that surely reminds you of early Lana Del Rey, Chey is at her tragic romance best with a vocal experience that might send shivers down your spine and possibly induce small tears down your cheek. Her exceptional honesty transforms your mood so quickly, as her story has you in a flashback kind of mindset that fills your mind as you remember a past love that just faded away unexpectedly.

Being an avid storyteller, Chey’s lyricism is inspired by film and literature and is greatly influenced by her real-life experiences, allowing her to personalize her art while still having it resonate with others.” ~ Chey

Limbo‘ from the Texas, USA-based indie singer-songwriter Chey, shows us a vividly described love story that is cinematic to its core and ultimately so striking on your heart as we are thrown into a picture that has you thinking so deeply. You love your partner so much but feel like you are stuck in a world that feels numb, as you wonder if that heart-beating feeling will return. Sung with true compassion, this is a really promising effort from an artist who only seems to get better and better.

Hear this outstanding new single on Spotify and see more via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen