Wanna Know Where My Funeral is: Astonishing UK producer Hizkit drops the futuristic marvel ’99 Lives’

As he flows so wickedly and with so many ideas blustering furiously into his complex mind, Hizkit is back with more intricate lyrics that will have you in awe of this criminally underrated talent on ‘99 Lives’.

Hizkit is a genre-bending alt hip hop producer/artist/creative designer hailing from the UK, who is known for being totally unique and often having a detached sense of lyricism, which allows our mind to be free and interpret his creations as we wish.

”Through his music, he has provided hazy interpretations of certain experiences and personal tribulations, with an often tongue-in-cheek approach to the way he explores intimate topics such as mental health and anti-sociality. ” – Hizkit

His raps with such delight strewn all over his delicious delivery, somehow cleverly coming up with futuristic-sounding flows that has you in shivers of delight — as he webs his way spider-like through this sensational song like an absolutely dialed-in genius — bringing us an epic track that is absolutely remarkable.

99 Lives‘ from the totally original UK-based emcee/producer Hizkit, is a galaxy-altering release with so many skills attached throughout from this once-in-a-lifetime lyricist. He puts it all on the line with bars so real and mind-twisting, they undoubtedly will blow your mind.

Hip hop is only getting better if this is the taste we can expect for the rest of 2021.

Stream this excellent release on YouTube and see on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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