VAL – Haunted: Joan Jett Fans Better Pay Attention

Ever been uplifted by a track titled ‘Haunted’ before? No? I wouldn’t wait another moment before you hit play on VAL’s single off their latest EP ‘Sincerely, Troubled You’. The rhythm-soaked composition brings with it the imagery of a dirty whisky-drenched dive bar, and isn’t that just what you want from a sultry American Blues Rock track?

With an intro not too dissimilar from something Joan Jett would use, it’s easy to predict what kind of track will unfold. Yet, VAL have a way of infusing deep soulful grooves into their music in a way I can honestly say I’ve never heard before. There really is no overselling the strength in the vocals as the female vocalists provides the perfect narrative through the lyrics to truly allow you to become immersed within the concept of the track. We’ve all been haunted by the living, but now, thanks to VAL we have the perfect soundtrack to whilst revelling in the bitter sweet emotion.

No review of Haunted will be complete without deserved praise for the artist’s choice to conclude with a “yeyah” after the instrumentals have faded out.

You can check out Haunted for yourself by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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