Twysted is post post-rock in their future-ready electro-rock hit, Out of Yay

For their latest single, Out of Yay, the up-and-coming experimentalist, Twysted put a histrionically spacey spin on electro-rock. The pioneeringly orchestrated hit unravels as a series of curveballs to knock you off kilter with every progression.

If Shinedown collaborated with Skrillex and the two icons of their respective genre added a smorgasbord of theatrical flair to their production styles, the end result would be somewhat akin to the infectious sonic insanity that prevails throughout Out of Yay.

The bass dubs towards the outro are futuristic enough to put Bring Me the Horizon in the same nostalgic league of Guns N Roses, yet, Twysted still found enough room for a few classic rock elements, which resound in the soaringly smooth vocal lines and assuring ring of the acoustic guitars.

Out of Yay will hit all major streaming platforms on July 1st. Hear it on SoundCloud first.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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