Treat Your Playlists to Some Rhythm with ALAN’s latest single “Don’t Tell Me No More”

You may not find many tracks similar to ALAN’s latest single “Don’t Tell Me No More” in the UK Top 40. But if their vintage sound was more prolific, there’d be much more indulgent euphoria in the charts.

For any fans of vibrant rhythms, you’re sure to appreciate the flair instilled into the Brazilian Samba serves up plenty of instrumental ingenuity with plenty of lyrical depth. The song was inspired by unrequited love due to the allure of materialistic desire. Everyone knows that money can’t buy happiness, and it won’t help us to buy the charade either.

Expect theatrical stylings, shimmering percussion, commanding basslines, and the sax and trumpet which bring another effervescent dynamic texture to this archaic delight which borrows a few tones from 20s – 40s Jazz.

You can check out Don’t Tell Me No More for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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