Donate Your Friends drops that memorable auditory compensation demo to swim inside your veins with on Devil Animus

Attempting to take away the hurt of billions of lost souls within us all, Donate Your Friends seeks us out with those words we will try to figure out was hollow or not with Devil Animus.

Donate Your Friends is an alternative art-hard rock band who performs with a wild imagination that is truthfully spellbinding and always emotional.

We write our songs about personal anguish, dwelling in depressive moods and about global systematic corruption within our dystopian reality.” ~ Donate Your Friends

Looking for that valuable connection that shall rivet the attention away from the dusty paths of doubt and doom, Donate Your Friends are so brilliant with that anthem you have been seeking on Devil Animus.

Devil Animus from the alternative emo art-hard rock band Donate Your Friends is one of those good shots to the chest that wakes you up. With a mysteriously Nirvana-like entrance that shall help you burrow through the cobwebs of doubt that can hide you away, instead of dealing with the hurt head-on for the better.

Finding your worth through the noise is the mission.

Listen up to this heavy experience on Spotify and follow the journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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