Ante – Places I Go: Surprisingly Sweet Hip Hop

Ante isn’t your usual Hip Hop rapper, no the Sydney, Australia based artist oozes in soulful, boundless lyrical amiability. His latest track; Places I Go, is the epitome of short and sweet. Luckily, Places I Go is just one of the stand out tracks off his debut EP “This World” which was released on the first of December 2017.

Ante is probably the only rap artist that your parents would be happy for you to date, he has a surprisingly sweet stance when it comes to the underground urban genre that’s usually flooded with angst, violence and grandiosity.

You just can’t help but fall in love with his sound. The ambience is amplified by his simplistic, yet resonant back beat to the track in a ubiquitously Trap fashion. Places I go is a strong contender for the most romantic Hip Hop track of all time, the tender humble attack on the genre has an entirely unique reproach to the genre which other artists have dabbled with in the past with their token love songs such as Snoop Dogg – Beautiful, Ghostface Killah – Jellyfish & 2Pac Do For Love.

Check out Places I Go on SoundCloud now:

Alternatively, you can listen to the Places I Go EP on Spotify:

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