Tom Holden – Flesh Vessels: Grindingly Intricate Up-Funk Indie

Putting Tom Holden’s ethereally quaint style in words almost seems blasphemous given the fact that he’s created something completely, irrefutably succinctly prodigal with his sound. His single Flesh Vessels from his latest album is just one of the tracks that left me in a state of beguilement after drinking in the up-funk sultry rhythms on offer from the cathartic yet grinding experimentalism. If you could imagine a subtler offering of the conceptual contortions of sound created by Frank Zappa you may get close to imagining Tom Holden’s Jazzy, rhythmic Alternative soundscapes which could only truly ever be contained under the label of Art Rock. The amount of progression packed into a track that already hosts such an array of complexity made Flesh Vessels one of the most enigmatic tracks I’ve checked out this year.

You can check out Tom Holden’s latest track Flesh Vessel’s as part of his 2018 10-track album ‘Chickens Drinkin’ on Spotify now, and yeah, based on the title alone you can throw out any expectation of normalcy out the window before you hit play.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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