The Virginmarys is on scathing form in their tenaciously tempestuous latest release, The Meds

The endlessly accoladed prodigal sons of UK punk, The Virginmarys, are back on tempestuous form with their latest single, The Meds.

The vehemently filthy guitars reflect the disjointed dispositions that we’ve all adopted recently, while the tenacity of the lyricism and the sheer maniacal conviction in the vocals is all the evidence you need that The Meds unequivocally stemmed from the same frustration that we all try to escape from in one way or another.

Hype and talent don’t always fit hand in glove, but The Virginmarys are notably the riotously prodigal exception. Their commitment to taking one of the saddest facets of this existence, our need for numbness, and transforming it into a bruisingly euphonic sludged up punk hit is nothing less than stunning. Late-stage capitalism should be shaking in its boots.

You can pick up your meds via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


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